Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday's "Crack Jennifer" #Days Live Tweets

I wasn't impressed with today's episode of Days of our Lives.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

JJ has a dream that Dan busts him at his place, so he tries to get his friends to leave. Dan is still Chicago with Chloe.

Jenn cries to Kayla about JJ never coming home. Theresa is in Jenn's office. Cameron shows up at the club asking for Chad.

Sonny tells Cameron that he's mad because Chad stole his girl. Abby shows up at Chad's. They kiss. EJ meets with Stefano.

Stefano successfully guesses that Sami has no clue about the agreement. I'm just glad that Jenn is no longer wearing that awful blue dress.

Roman is at the office with Theresa. Chloe tells Dan she talked to Anne. Chloe insists she changed.

Chloe can't believe that JJ accomplished what she and others couldn't do, break up Dannifer.

Stefano tells EJ there is one thing he can do for him. Chabby have sex again. She talks about JJ hoping he slept on the street.

Kayla apologizes to Jenn for Theresa's behavior. Theresa throws up Sami's misadventures in Roman's face.

Roman gives Theresa a flight ticket to LA. The superintendent knocks on Dan's door and threatens to call the police.

Dan doesn't want to talk about JJ. Chloe questions why she should send Parker to on/off again Dannifer. Good point Chloe.
Dan is asking Chloe to trust him. Kayla tells Jenn that Theresa is going back to jail for violating her probation.

Stefano wants the entire family back under his roof, including Chad. EJ says he'll try. Stefano leaves. Abby tells Chad her mom doesn't know

Abby offers to drop of Chad's time sheets to the club. The club doesn't have digital time sheets? Kayla walks in on Roman/Theresa.

Theresa throws Stephanie's crimes in Kayla's face. Kayla says Theresa had her chance. Bev opens Dan's door.

Bev claims to be Melanie to the super.

The Super buys Bev is Melanie. JJ gets a kiss from Bev. Jenn should be concerned with the lovey dovey eyes Dan is giving Chloe.

Jenn has fake flashbacks of loving JJ. EJ shows up at the Club looking for Chad. Sonny apologizes for Adrienne's actions.

Sonny tells EJ that his apartment is crowded. EJ asks if there's a problem. Abby leaves Chad's. Cameron shows up at Chad's. Stalker much?

I haven't been a Chloe fan in years, but to bring back Nadia for a couple of episodes to pimp Dannifer is a waste.

Cameron tries to get Chad into tumor treatments out of Salem. Cameron asks where is Chad's doctor? Abby shows up at the Club.

Bummed we missed an Ejabby moment. Sonny tells Abby her earring is missing. It's at Chad's.

Chad tells Cameron that Chabby will last a long time. Cameron leaves. JJ is afraid that the Super will tell Dan about "Melanie" being there.

Theresa calls JJ and tells him that Jenn fired her, and she's leaving Salem. Anne shows up at Jenn's. Parker and Dan are home.

Dan gets a call that Melanie was there. Dan sees his Dannifer pic is trashed.

EJ shows up at Chad's. EJ tells Chad that Abby looked "radiant." EJ asks him to move back into the DiMansion.

JJ refuses to help Theresa. Cameron does some snooping about Chad's tumor treatment. He asks Kayla about drug trials.

Chad figures out that Stefano got Sami freed. Chad refuses to move in. JJ tells Theresa to "go to hell."

Anne needs Jenn to sign a paper. Jenn tells her it could have waited until she went to her office. Anne says she's never in her office.

Dan asks the Super what "Melanie" looked like. Dan figures out it was JJ at his place because of the broken picture frame glass.

Kayla tells Cameron to stay away from Chad. Sonny tells Abby that Cameron was looking for Chad earlier.

Sonny tells Abby he hopes Chad doesn't hurt her. EJ asks Chad if he has a brain tumor. Jenn orders Anne out of her house.

Anne says to herself that she'll "crack" Jenn. Dan tells JJ that he knows what he did.

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