Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday's "Night's Young" #Days Live Tweets

On Days of our Lives today, again Jennifer worries about where JJ is spending the night.  If she's so concerned, why did she tell everyone she knows not to take him in? JJ seems less concerned about where he's spending the night than she is.  Poor Daniel drove from Salem to the state capital back to Salem, then Chicago and back to Salem in one day. I don't get having Nadia Bjorlin return to the show just to pimp Dannifer.  Isn't everyone in Salem except JJ, Theresa, and Anne doing that already?  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Theresa offers to help Jenn get JJ home in exchange for her job back. Rory and Bev love Dan's place.

Chloe shows up at Daniel's hotel room. Victor is pimping Dannifer to Abby. Nicole comes to the rescue. Brady asks Kristen what's wrong.

Eric tells Marlena that the woman is blonde in his flashbacks. Kristen has a feeling that something horrible is happening.

Chloe hugs Parker. Chloe has something to tell Dan. Jenn refuses to take Theresa's deal. Eric can't see the woman's face.

Eric asks Marlena what he said.

Theresa leaves. JJ doesn't want Parker to get upset if his stuff is missing. Rory and Bev wanted to sell it. Rory and Bev want to get high.

Chloe tells Dan that her therapy is going well. Victor wants Abby to talk to Dan. She's going to Dan's place.

Nicole asks Victor if there's anyone else's love life he wants to interfere with. "Night's young."

Eric denies remember anything. Marlena is not buying it. Eric says, "I know nothing." Marlena thinks the woman poisoned him.

Marlena asks Eric what is he hiding.

Nicole tells Victor that Daniel was destined to love Jennifer. Victor makes fun of her for believing in soulmates. Nic points out he found 1

Dan doesn't want to talk about Dannifer with Chloe. Kayla comes to Jenn's. Jenn tells her she caught Theresa embezzling funds.

Abby knocks on Dan's door. Brady has to leave. Father Matt interrupts Eric and Marlena. Marlena leaves. Matt asks if he remembered anything.

JJ and friends stay quiet. Abby hears from a neighbor that Dan is gone. Abby goes to leave. Parker brings out Candy Land.

Danloe and Parker to play Candy Land. Marlena gives Victor back his flash drive. She's going to concentrate on Eric.

Marlena tells Victor that Eric is "only human." Kristen gets dressed and leaves the Salem Inn.

Jenn asks Abby if she knows where JJ is. Abby calls JJ. JJ won't answer the phone. Caroline tells Theresa that she needs to change.

Nicole has a dream about Eric in her bedroom. He tells her that he wants her/loves her. Then they kiss.

Father Matt tells Eric he needs quiet and prayer. Kristen shows up while he's praying. Victor tells Marlena to stop meddling with Eric

Brady walks in on Marlena and Victor talking about Bristen.

Abby tells Jenn that she's happy Theresa got canned. Chloe asks if she can keep Parker later.

Chloe offers to drive Parker to Salem later the next day so Dan can go back home. JJ finds a Dannifer pic that Dan shoved in a drawer.

Kristen makes counseling arrangements with Eric. Marlena excuses herself and leaves. Brady asks Victor what is going on.

Jenn and Abby watch tv, when they hear a noise outside. Just the wind. Jenn cries. Dan decides to go back home.

JJ smashes the glass of the Dannifer picture. Victor tells Brady to think about the extreme version of Kristen, & whether he can live w that

Nicole digs out a picture that Eric took in Africa. Eric tells Father Matt that "God will show him the truth."

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