Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday's "Hitler's Birthday" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Marlena and Nicole team up, Will tags in his great grandmother to trash Nick, and Sonny and Gabi fight. Follow me on twitter. Here are today's live tweets:

Sonny looks for Ari's bunny and instead finds a condom wrapper. Sonny's not happy that Gabi slept with Nick at their place.

Sonny asks Gabi if he needs to tell her how messed up Nabi is. Abby shows up at the Club to meet Chad. Marlena shows up at the DiMansion.

Both Nicole and Eric ask Brady if he's insane. Kristen asks Marlena if she is changing her mind on burying the hatchet.

Marlena tells Kristen that she's all about "peace and harmony." Marlena looks at Kristen's phone. Marlena wants Sami's kids with her.

Marlena is coughing. She spills water on the floor. Nicole tells Brady to call off the engagement.

Chabby have a romantic dinner. Nice to see one male character do something truly romantic on

Nick tells Will at the Pub that he wants to be a friend. Nick asks for a chance. Will refuses. Caroline is pissed off with Nick.

Sonny tells Gabi that she has to explain Nabi to herself. Nicole asks Brady where he is hiding his brain.

Marlena is not very successful at swiping Kristen's cell phone. She needs Johnny's help. lol

Eric asks Brady if Nicole still has feelings for Brady.

Marlena sprays Kristen with seltzer water. She checks Kristen's phone while Kristen is gone.

Caroline says Alzheimer's means she doesn't have to use tact when she speaks. Will offers 2 help Caroline behind the bar. Nick leaves.

Gabi is mad that she's the only one sacrificing. Gabi says she misses having someone. And she misses sex. lol

Brady asks Eric's help with J&M. Marlena tries Kristen's passcode by using Hitler's birthday. lmao Kristen walks in.

Gabi asks Sonny why it is so hard for him to like her. Sonny brings up Melanie. The problem with the Melanie situation is that she lived.

Gabi leaves the apartment in those pants. Nicole shows up at the DiMansion. Kristen flashes her engagement ring at them.

Brady wants Eric to pick the wedding date, and officiate his wedding. Brady has balls. No brains, but balls.

Gabi shows up at Nick's new place. Nick compliments Gabi. They kiss.

Chabby attempt to slow dance. Chad offers to walk Abby home. Will asks Sonny if Gabi was there. Will tells Sonny what Nick said.

Wilson agree that Nick won't be allowed around Ari without one of them being there. Nabi have sex on Nick's couch.

Nick tries to talk Gabi into moving out of Sonny's apartment. Gabi gets up to leave. Eric tells Brady that Brady is using him.

Kristen asks Marlena if she has changed her mind about burying the hatchet since she learned about the Bristen engagement.

Nicole leaves. Marlena leaves. Nicole sticks around the door to ask Marlena why she's being nice to Kristen.

Bristen exchange texts. Kristen flashes back to discovering she may be pregnant with Eric's baby, then takes a drink. lol

The baby is up. Gabi comes home. Gabi taunts Sonny for not telling Will what they said earlier. She tells him they can't tell her what to do

Chabby kiss outside her door. Nicole says to Marlena, "you are Sami's mother, you must have a scheming bone in your body somewhere."

Eric tells Brady that Bristen probably can't get married in a church.

Kristen watches the sex tape again. Nice that she has a copy of her baby's conception.

Nick looks at Gabi's pic again. Nick is typing up something in Gabi's name. Gabi threatens to come between Wilson if Sonny doesn't back off.


  1. I don't get Marlena..she is ok teaming up with Nicole after everything Nicole did to Sami..but at the same time she is all against Kristen when Brady is a grown ass MAN of 30/40 years old who already has been warned about Kristen more than once..yeak ok.. I am all for more Marlena screen time but not like this..seriously.
    Gaby is really a little bitch, Sonny is kind of judgemental but i don't see why he should be ok with Nick in HIS condo. Gabby can date Nick outside Sonny and Will's home and without baby Ari's presence. When Nick will make her life hell it will be well deserved ! Go Nick ! lol.

    1. I think a little of the motivation for Marlena would be revenge for Kristen breaking up her marriage. It's good soapy fun.

      I can see Sonny not wanting Nick in his condo. Gabi can date who she wants. If she has another bad relationship with Nick, it's her own fault. Will seems to forget that he willing allowed Nick to claim paternity for his baby because he was afraid of losing Sonny. No one put a gun to his head.

    2. Which prove once again that to Marlena John and her relationship with John has always been and always will be more important than her daughter Sami..at least it is consistent and in character for Marlena. Just something i never liked about MarMar..
      Just last friday Will had a very smart and insightful talk with Nick where he did admit his cowardly behaviour towards his daughter and Nick. So No actually he did not forget nor doesn't seem to. That being said yep Gaby can date who she wants but she doesn't have to expect for Will and Sonny to be best friends with Nick and allowing him to visit their condo and holding the baby-daughter he tried to take from Will for months. Anyway i hope and think karma will bite her in the form of Nick (which i like as a character but is obviously out of hand once again..).

    3. You'd think Sami being in jail would be more important than getting revenge on Kristen.

      I will always have a soft spot for Nick. It's a shame he'll never be happy go lucky again like he was in the beginning. He needs serious therapy.