Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday's "Big Deal" #Days Live Tweets

Abby finally loses her virginity.  Chad isn't dying of a tumor.  Stefano gives odd gifts to his grand kids.  Lucas makes an appearance.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

EJ asks Trask how badly does she want to put EJ and Stefano behind bars. Maxine talks to Cameron about JJ and Jenn.

Chabby kiss on his bed. Chad stops. Gabi and Will fight over NIck's testimony while Sonny eavesdrops. Will's glad Nabi isn't married.

Hope and Nick share a coffee. She's concerned he's going to end up back in prison like . Justin talks to Sami in jail.

Sami and Justin wonder if EJ is making things worse. EJ offers to testify immunity free against Stefano in return Sami's charges get dropped

EJ asks if they have a deal. Trask is surprised that EJ really does love Sami considering how DiMera men treat women.

Trask doesn't take a deal. EJ flips out. She wants all 3 of them in jail. Lucas! He's visiting Sami. She tells him.

Cameron tells Maxine he is only friends with Abby. Chad wants to wait for a better time with Abby. She thinks it's the right time.

Maxine says to herself that Cameron has it bad for Abby. Chabby resume sex with background music.

Abby officially leaves the Golden Circle Club. Hope is thankful for helping with Jensen. She wants to know about Nabi.

Gabi threatens to move out if Will find out she's sleeping with Nick and flips out.

Sonny tells Gabi that Wilson do not keep secrets from each other. Yeah, that's not true.

Hope tells Nick that Maggie told her about Nick's plan to get Gabi back into modeling. They are worried about him. She gets a call.

Abby has no regrets sleeping with Chad. Sami gives Lucas somethings. Lucas rags on EJ for not helping her avoid prison.

EJ gets out fake passports from behind the safe. He makes a call.

Abby says "it's not a big deal." Chad says, "if it wasn't a big deal, then I did something wrong." lol

Gabi drops her books on the ground. Nick and Cameron help her. Cameron leaves. Nick asks what that was all about.

Sami wants Lucas to promise to get along with EJ. Sami's headed back to court. Johnny wants Sami home now.

Abby gets dressed, and leaves to be with Jenn. Gabi tells Nick that Will doesn't know about them, and leaves.

Lucas shows up at the Wilson apartment. Lucas gives Will a gift from Sami. Trask calls Hope to the stand.

Johnny tells EJ he handled it when Sydney was crying. lol Stefano shows up. Johnny is happy to see him.

Gabi knows something is up with Abby. Cameron wants to talk to Chad. Lucas gave Will his old stuffed animal.

Hope testifies that Sami lied to her about not knowing Bernardi, and not knowing if Bernardi was crooked. Justin brings up another dirty cop

Hope admits she didn't know the other guy was crooked either. Trask re-directs and asks Hope if there's evidence Joe's crooked. No.

Stefano gives Johnny a tarantula in a frame. Johnny leaves. EJ wants evidence against Bernardi. Stefano points out no one will believe it.

EJ asks what Stefano wants in exchange for freeing Sami.

Maxine tells Cameron to find Gabi in the waiting room. Abby tells Gabi that Chabby "did it" while Cameron overhears.

Turns out Chad is lying about the tumor. He was using it to get rid of Cameron. Sami gave Will a baby Will pic.

Trask calls Roman to the stand. EJ says Sami's case needs the razor. He says Stefano had it all along. Stefano's not interested.

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