Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday's "Bambi" #Days Live Tweets

Victor saved today's episode of Days of our Lives.  It's bad enough he has to deal with his dumb ass grandson, Brady, but also Brady's stepbrother, Eric too.  Sami's trial progresses badly.  Eric might as well put his medical records online since they are not safe from Kristen anywhere.  Rafe says he won't lie to save Sami, the woman who saved his member, but it is still ok to lie to EJ about his babies.  *Rolls eyes*  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Eric and Brady talk about Sami's trial. Nicole asks Kristen has in her hand. Krissy puts it in her purse. Nicole wonders what she's hiding.

Rafe gets cleared to leave the hospital to testify. Jordan wanted him to testify via closed circuit tv. Kate testifies at the trial.

Brady senses something is up with Eric. Oh, another flashback. C'mon . We don't need the rape flashback every day.

Eric thinks he should stop thinking about the hotel room. Brady wants him to confide in him. Eric agrees.

Kristen tells Nicole to "mind her own business." Nicole calls Kris "Bambi" because of her "deer in the headlights" look.

Kate admits to giving Sami the gun. She says the gift was a joke and protection from EJ.

Eric tells Brady he is having dreams. Father Matt stops the fight between Nic and Krissy. Father tells Kristen to help Jennifer.

Rafe tells Dan that EJ asked him to lie on the stand. He justifies lying about Nicole's baby. Kate tells Trask she has a dark sense of humor

Victor! Damn. He's propping Dannifer. What a waste.

Excuse me, Father Matt. Jenn was not "in the dark" on JJ's drug dealing when he got kicked out of school for it a few months ago.

Kate tells what happened after the shooting. Kate denies seeing the knife.

Rafe tells Jordan that there's nothing he can say that will hurt Sami. Justin gets Kate to admit that she and Rafe were lovers.

Kate testifies that she believed Stefano was behind Rafe's beating. She tells Justin she told Stefano about the affair after the beating

Father Matt and Nicole discuss Sami and Eric. Dan looks at Eric's blood test. Kristen is at the door. Parker distracts Daniel.

Father Matt asks Nicole to help Eric get past what happened in the hotel room. Didn't he ask her to do that awhile ago?

Kristen asks Dan about fertility doctors saying, "miracles happen." Victor congratulates Brady on his engagement.

Victor thinks it's funny that Bristen is going to have a church wedding. Melinda asks Kate if she had knowledge of Sami using a gun.

Kate mentions that Sami threatened Nick Fallon with a gun. Justin uses Kate's testimony to try to link Bernardi to Stefano.

Nicole apologizes to Eric for the Bristen wedding. He wants to ask about the night he got sick. Parker knocks over Eric's blood test

Trask wants Nick added to the witness list. Justin is not happy with Sami. Sami asks EJ about Timmy's stash. Sami figures it out.

Kate isn't allowed to talk to Rafe. Rafe is wheeled into the court room.

Brady tells Victor that he's using Eric to endorse his marriage. Brady takes a call. Victor calls Marlena and gives her the news.

Victor tells Marlena that Eric has "lost his marbles." He wants to meet with her. Kristen sees Eric's blood work and asks if he's ok.

Kristen leaves. She's not happy that Dan is still trying to figure out what happened to Eric.

Nicole doesn't want to talk about the night he got sick. She leaves. Eric is wondering what is up with her. Rafe is sworn in.


  1. Kristen is the most fun and engrossing character to visit Salem in recent memory. I am so disappointed that Eileen Davidson is taking time off.

    What will Days do to fill the void? Too, I love that Kristen is strong, unapologetic and flawed. I wonder if the powers-that-be recognize that the most popular characters are very flawed ones. Audiences tune out characters that are too noble (i.e., Rafe) and sanctimonious. Also, what is Marlena without an excellent antagonist to square off against? I'd say the producers have their work cut out for them because the show without Kristen will lack a very necessary "je n'ai sais quoi," brilliant sparkle. They need to dream up something spectacular and quickly...

    1. I totally agree. There's going to be a huge void when ED is off screen. There's no one currently on the show that fills the void. Stefano is too busy with his girlfriend. EJ is all about Sami.