Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday's "Thinking Like a DiMera" #Days Live Tweets

Pic courtesy of Galen Gering.

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, EJ screws over Chad. Theresa makes a lame attempt to get her job back.  Jenn blasts Daniel for trying to get JJ to move back home. Nick, Gabi, and Wilson trash each other.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

EJ asks Chad if he has a brain tumor. Chad says he had a false positive. EJ asks why he wrote down experimental treatments.

Sonny tells Abby that he doesn't want Chad to hurt her. Gabi overhears and isn't happy. Kate and Nick eating at the Pub.

Will asks Kate if Nick is getting rehired. Rafe in a wheelchair ready to go to the PT room. He comments on Jordan's lack of humanness

Theresa rips up the plane ticket. She runs into Jenn and calls her a bitch. Dan tells JJ that someone broke into his place.

EJ asks about printing out the therapy yesterday. EJ threatens to call Kayla. Theresa tells Jenn that Caroline "would forgive Satan."

Theresa taunts Jenn by mentioning that she lost JJ for good. Dan offers JJ a deal not to call the cops or Jenn if he'll listen.

Will thinks Nick lied about Sami pulled a gun on him. Nick said it was true, and Sami had the charges dropped. Kate agrees it was her fault.

Sonny continues to bash Chad. Apparently Sonny will never be Chad's wing-man.

Chad tells EJ that Cameron stabbed him in the back. EJ says that Chad lied about the tumor to get back at Cameron for being with Abby.

EJ tells Chad he made a wise decision. Theresa tells Jenn she'll make her pay for losing her job. Dan tells JJ to go home.

Dan tells JJ that Jenn always talked about JJ. JJ says Dan will still turn Jenn against him.

Jordan tells Rafe that she is not his court jester. Rafe tells her jokes. Gabi says she's made amends w Chad. Abby leaves for lunch w Chad

Abby says Chad won't hurt her. Chad doesn't want Abby to know about the tumor story. EJ says he's "thinking like a DiMera."

EJ again asks Chad to move back to the mansion. They both leave. JJ says he won't go home so Dan will be the hero.

Nick's attempt to get Gabi back into modeling fails. I still don't get why Sonny thinks he wasn't trashing Chad.

Chabby meet at the Pub. EJ crashes their lunch. He says he wants to be there when Chad breaks the news.

Theresa says she doesn't want to be on the bus with all those poor people. lol She tries to get a ride with a biker.

Theresa hands the biker money for a different favor. Rafe wants beer. Jordan tries not to smile. Kate shows up. Jordan leaves.

Sonny and Gabi discuss the Melanie kidnapping thing. Sonny says he loves Ari. Gabi wants him to respect her.

EJ threatens to tell Abby something that Chad is keeping secret.

Sonny tells Will he looks distracted. He mentions having a run in with Nick. Wilson will go with Ari to the zoo.

Nick drops by the Wilson apartment. Gabi is there. Nick complains about the tension with Will. Gabi complains about Sonny.

Nick mentions if Sonny outs Gabi over the Melanie kidnapping that Justin and Chad would get into trouble too.

Chad says the secret is he's moving into the DiMansion. EJ says Stefano may move back in. Abby gets a call, excuses herself.

Chad calls EJ "you son of a bitch." EJ smiles. Theresa tries to fake a robbery on Anne. Anne saw her talking to the biker earlier.

JJ tells his friends that Dan knows about the break in. Dan tells Jenn he initiated the talk with JJ. Jenn's furious he made things worse.

Rafe thinks it's interesting for Jordan to fight who she really is. EJ tells Chad he's been in the family long enough to see how it works.

Chad asks if EJ was going to mention the brain tumor story to Abby. EJ will leave that a mystery. Nick starts kissing Gabi's neck.

Nabi kiss. Will walks in and says, "what the hell is going on?" Anne says she can't give Theresa her job back. She does like her moxie.

Anne thinks there's a place for Theresa at the hospital. JJ tells Rory that Dan won't tell on them. Jenn is protesting too much.

Again, Jenn tells Daniel to stay away from her and her son.

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