Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday's "Spawn of Satan" #Days Live Tweets

Finally, Jennifer sees the real JJ on this episode of Days of our Lives. Ericole and Rate are bickering, not a very entertaining episode over all.  Follow me on twitter. Here are today's live tweets:

Kate asks Kayla at the Pub how Stefano got into Rafe's room. Rafe continues physical therapy. Eric looks at his hotel bill.

Jenn tells Maxine about JJ's final. Jenn runs smack dab into Dan. JJ gets arrested for dealing, Hope shows up at the scene.

Justin tells Ejami about Timmy's stash. He tells them that Adrienne found the evidence. Justin seems skeptical.

Nicole tells Eric that Kristen is the "spawn of Satan." Nic asks if Eric did what Brady asked of him. Jenn brags to Dan about JJ's final.

JJ tells Hope that his drug bust is not what she thinks. Didn't Vargas give her the same story 2 weeks ago? lol

Eric won't discuss with Nicole what he said to Brady. Nicole asks if something else is wrong. Dan is glad JJ is doing well, then leaves.

JJ tells Hope he was in a bad place because of his fight with Dannifer, so that's why he sold drugs. She's not buying it, thank goodness

Rafe wants to do more PT, Jordan doesn't want him to push it. Kayla tells Kate to talk to the SPD about protection.

Kayla asks Kate who told her that Rafe was threatened by Stefano. Justin tells Sami that Marge was shocked by the money in Timmy's account.

EJ tells the accountant that the money has been found. He asks him how long would it take for the feds to figure out how the $ got there.

Kayla refuses to help Kate. The accountant thinks it'll take the FBI up to 2 weeks to figure it out.

Nicole leaves because Eric won't confide in her. Eric calls Dan to meet with him. Hope calls Jenn to come to the SPD.

Nicole hears about the drug bust. She leaves a message for Marlena. Eric tells Dan that he's having weird feelings when he sees a reminder.

EJ wants to fight against the continuance. Kayla talks to Rafe about Kate & Stefano. Kate wants an update from Jordan about Rafe's progress

Hope tells Jenn that JJ is being charged with selling drugs.

I would recommend that Eric not listen to U2's "Stuck in the Moment and Can't Get out of It."

Jordan refuses to share Rafe's info with Kate. Rafe doesn't want protection, he wants to leave. Kate hates the hospital coffee. lol

Maxine talks to Kate about Stefano. Maxine reassures Kate that Rafe will be safe. She tells Kate she's not responsible for the attack

Sami and Justin are for the continuance. Hope tells Jenn that JJ said he was coerced into dealing. JJ wants to explain to Jenn.

Kayla tells Kate she can get Rafe to sign a waiver of the privacy law. Sami and Justin end up agreeing with EJ.

Dan tells Eric that he can't fix Dannifer. JJ totally throws Rory under the bus, claiming the drug business is Rory's.

Ericole are still bickering. Eric has a pretty explicit flashback. Rafe complains Kate is hovering too much.

Maxine tells Dan that Jenn got a call from the SPD. Jenn thinks she now knows the real JJ. He's a criminal, liar.

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