Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday's "An Expletive Deleted Nun" #Days Live Tweets

Today's Days of our Lives episode was stellar.  The only complaint I have is Maggie sticking her nose in to where it doesn't belong.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Sami asks EJ what is going on. Abe in Hope's office, waiting for forensics. Justin asks what is going on.

Jordan tells Rafe he's making progress. She makes a snide remark about Kate. Rafe laughs. Kate shows up with coffee.

Maggie asks Dan if his trip is about JJ. He says it's about Eric. Eric tells Father Matt that his dream never changes.

Bristen knock into Nicole at the Sq. Krissy says, "it's 5 o'clock somewhere right?" Abe tells Justin he's not welcome now.

Hope gets a call. Abe says they have to handle it personally. EJ tells Sami the delay could be good for her.

EJ tells Sami to "keep the faith."

Sami says she always finds a way to be the center of attention. EJ says it's because she's always the most interesting.

Rafe tells Kate that Jordan has located his funny bone. And Sami saved it from being whacked off. j/k

Kate bashes the barrista which is exactly what Jordan said she would do. Kate's not amused.

Maggie continues to interfere with Dannifer. I'm not even going to bother tweeting it. Kristen tells Brady that Nicole attacked her.

Maggie, not satisfied with prying into Dannifer, keeps prying into Eric's project with Daniel. Please Maggie. Get a life.

Nicole leaves. Kristen tells Marlena stuck up for her. Hope and Abe tell Rafe that they need to talk. They want Kate out of the room.

Justin tells Ejami they have a reason to be optimistic. Rafe recognizes an acquaintance of Bernardi's. Hope and Abe think Joe had an affair.

Kate also recognizes the woman as someone who was at the hospital when Sami shot Bernardi. Kristen shows up at the rectory.

Brady asks Nicole what she did to Kristen. He doesn't like her drinking early in the morning. Kristen wants to schedule pre-cana.

Trask asks Hope what is going on. Sami figures out by EJ's "poker face" that he set it up.

Brady accuses Nicole of drinking over Eric. Oh no. Maggie asks what was going on. Please leave Nicole alone Maggie. Please!

Jordan is ready for PT again for the third time today. Kate wonders why Stefano was happy. Abe gets a call from forensics.

EJ denies being behind what is going on. He says being with his family is worth any cost.

Eric has a flashback at the hotel with Dan. Kristen meets Brady at the Pub. Trask wants Abe to testify tonight.

Sami will return to court in five minutes.

Jordan's done. Kate goes back to Rafe's room. He says things are looking up. Judge wants to know if there's new evidence.

The Judge wants Abe in there now. The judge wants to hear the new evidence. Maggie comes to the rectory to annoy Nicole.

Maggie offers for Nicole to call her if she needs her. Nicole says she lives like "an expletive deleted nun."

Bristen read the pre-cana questionnaire. Brady is still worried about Nicole. Eric has a flashback of sex in that room.

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