Monday, September 30, 2013

Ratings, #Days Still in Fourth

Days of our Lives was the biggest gainer in the rating race for September 20th, but remained in fourth place. You can read the entire ratings at Soap Opera Network.

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  1. If there was more movement on a daily basis and scenes with numerous characters at the same time, ratings would be so much better. I am sure of it. Just look at GH the stories are not good imho, it is rushed, contrived for the most part and it miss lot's of emotional bits but there is action, there is cliffhangher, twists and turns, vet and newbies all involved in the same stories or stories related EVERY SINGLE DAY ! Therefore even if the soap is not with lot's of quality storytelling wise you still want to know what will happen the next day ! Simple as that. Also GH has a too much enormous is ridiculous, lot's of things are not right but lot's of other things are just great management.
    The best would be for quality scenes and depth and the pacing GH has right now but at least Valentini, Carlivati do something right right now..and their gains compare to last year are awesome ! Days..they only do something at sweeps is not the good method..Sami's trial wrapped up gave them some up but still weak numbers. Whereas with more 'drama', twists and turns and more cast involved (it was Sami Brady's trial for pete's sake, they could have insert almost ALL the canvas, she has rich history with everybody, use it morons !) all along in this story, the wrapped up would have gave them far more bigger numbers ! And then after that it is once again filler after filler episodes for months..just last week was totally boring, do something can't be so clueless..and again you are last..sigh.