Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday's "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives was a bit odd.  You got EJ lecturing Wilson on fighting in front of Arianna.  Looks like Sonny and Gabi made up.  Brady/Eric/Nicole is still dragging on and on.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

EJ walks into a tiff between Wilson. Gabi and Kate at the hospital. Gabi asks Kate if she made it clear to Rafe how she feels.

Jordan and Rafe finish PT. He gives her the silent treatment, she asks him why. Nicole sees Dan at the Club. Nicole wants to talk about Eric

Eric starts having flashbacks while Brady talks about Kristen hurting him. Eric leaves. Dan tells Nicole to ask Eric.

Brady asks Eric if he's ok. EJ tells Wilson to not argue in front of the baby. They continue to fight in front of EJ and the baby.

Gabi tells Kate that Rafe is clueless about talking about his feelings. Rafe tells Jordan that he doesn't know what she's thinking.

Rafe thinks Jordan isn't a robot after all. Kristen says she's overwhelmed and tries to leave.

Brady tells Kristen that she deserves better. Will asks EJ if Gabi can leave with the baby. Sonny thinks Gabi didn't mean it.

Will tells Sonny that Gabi is turning into a "nutjob." Sonny thinks Gabi is just lonely. Nicole tells Dan about her job offer.

Dan tells Nicole that he's worried about her. Brady wants to know how do you get over being betrayed.

EJ tells Will to listen to Sonny. EJ tells them he's leaving with Sami and the kids for Chicago. Wilson make up as EJ leaves.

Dan tells Nicole that he doesn't want her to stop feeling safe. Dan tells her to think about what she really wants.

Nicole says to herself that what she wants is the problem. Sonny tells Will to text Gabi to come home and talk.

Jordan can't leave Gabi fast enough. Gabi gets the text. Kate chickens out on telling Rafe how she feels.

Kristen tells Dan she's going to go ahead with the fertility treatments. Gabi shows up at the Wilson apartment.

Will apologizes for blowing up at Gabi. Gabi feels like she's only Ari's mom. Good dialogue, a lot of moms feel that way.

Gabi tells Wilson that she's going to break things off with Nick. She apologizes for threatening to take the baby. Ari cries.

Brady asks Eric why he left earlier. Brady tells him to talk to Nicole again. Kristen thanks Dan for his support.

Kristen leaves behind a business card of a doctor. EJ wakes up Rafe in his room.

Gabi asks Sonny if he got Cameron to ask her out. He fesses up. Gabi says she needs to figure out "Sabi."

EJ tells Rafe that they are one big happy family now. He's not happy still about Rafe's testimony. "Truth, justice, and the American Way."

Nicole shows up at the rectory. Eric asks about the hotel again. She tells him that she has to leave. Dan leaves a message for Kristen

Brady overhears, and Dan won't spill why he called Kristen. Kristen wants her rape tape editor to delete it permanently.

The rape tape editor says it's not the same flash drive. Kristen says, "omg this is not happening."


  1. Ok let me get something straight first : Ej Dimera playing by James Scott is one of my favorite Dool character and maybe ( my favorite male dool character. But seriously ? WTF ? Ej friday and even more today was NOT NEEDED ! These scenes with first Nicole friday and today Will/Sonny and finally Rafe were absolutely ridiculous, contrived, totally out of the blue making no sense at all. And the worse it made the Ej character totally silly and stupid. Why Ej being a busy body about Nicole's life ? Why trying to advice Will and Sonny about their love life, Gabby of all people ? wtf wtf wtf ?? lol And taunting Rafe..just now..why he give a fuck about all these people and their life ? It is not Ej ! Why he is not with Sami and his children..even if it is off-screen, i don't care !! What is going on here ? Did they have to insert Ej in every scenes because JS had some episodes quota ? explain..all these filler scenes did not make one lick of sense even for Days ! Nicole could have snark with Victor, Daniel, Maggie, Caroline, Marlena (at least they are involved in a story together) ect..whatever, Sonny/Will could have been lectured by Lucas, Adrienne, Justin..even Marlena, heck even Sami ! They were so much more appropriate in these scenes with these characters..since when Ej bother with that..come on..and the Rafe scene..Ej being in Rafe's face right now whereas he has Sami at home with their family..RIDICULOUS. These silly scenes really did not make a favor to Ej, the character..sigh. Sometimes this soap is seriously hopeless...

    1. It's like they don't know what to do with EJ without Sami.

    2. If it is the case : it is totally ridiculous.
      Ej is somewhat a core character now..he has ties and rich history with numerous characters, outside of Sami. He can drive stories and interesting scenes without her easily and he does usually, except these last two
      His scenes at the beginning of last week were good and made sense : his scenes with Stefano, then Chad..even at the beginning of friday with know with people he should interact with, he has deep connections or a storyline with. It is not hard..i even can understand him having contact with Will and Sonny but not like that ! He is not the one to play 'parenting' advice..stupid. Leave that to Justin or Lucas, you know their fathers ! Scenes with Justin could have made sense, the show could develop easily a friendship between him and Justin (and Ej need a friend !). But putting himself in Rafe or Nicole's ?! He should tried to avoid these people not being in their face..And obviously he should enjoy his family, after all his battle to get Sami out of jail and at home with him..this writing doesn't make any sense..And even if it is off-screen, i mean. Even as an Ej/JS fan i can say some break from the character is good..good for the show, good for the character.

    3. I hope they don't do to EJ what they did with Lucas which was to make him irrelevant without Sami.

    4. I don't see him as irrelevant right now or irrelevant without Sami. On the contrary i still see him as viable with or without Sami..and it has always been like that..which to me has always been one thing i loved about the character. Ej and Sami match each others because they are both powerful individually, some sort of 'alpha' type of characters, who can rule a scene, a story by themselves. However we don't need to see him in every episodes, in scenes he doesn't belong all imo. It lower characters when shows do things like that. In those scenes Ej was misplaced and it made him annoying. That is all.
      For Lucas..i don't Sami or rather being without Sami is the problem..He is a Horton, he has history with many other characters outside of Sami. They could insert him in the JJ story, develop an attraction or feud with Ann ect..there are many ways to give him something without Sami. It just the TPTB who don't want to write for him..simple as that..I am not sure about him being a leading male (it has always been the problem between TPTB and him..) but a strong, core secondary character he could be powerful..the problem : Dool TPTB lack imagination and