Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday's "Kristen DiMera Defamation Club" #Days Live Tweets

Things are not looking good for Sami on today's episode of Days of our Lives.  Cameron continues to bore.  Nicole needs a life of her own.  Eric gets Kristen to change her mind.  Follow me on twitter.  Here's today's live tweets:

Chad has to go and testify. It's pretty dark out for a trial. Will is on the stand. Trask asks if he knew about the Bernardi video.

Oh, it was a nightmare on Will's part. Nicole and Brady argue if Eric is going to perform his wedding or not.

Kristen tells Eric that he will tell Brady that he won't do the pre-marital counseling. Trask gives her opening statement.

Justin argues that Sami's story is so dumb that she has to be telling the truth. Ok, I paraphrased a little.

Eric tells Kristen that he can't lie to Brady. Gee I wonder why Eric isn't impressed with Kristen's power of persuasion.

Cameron asks Abby why Chad was upset. Chad gets called to testify first. Trask is going to show the tape.

Brady calls Nicole the founding member of the "Kristen DiMera Defamation Committee." Nic asks him to leave Eric out of it.

Brady tells Nicole that Eric is thinking about doing the wedding. He also says Kristen doesn't want Eric involved either.

Abby almost tells Cameron that JJ got arrested. Trask asks Chad if EJ knew about the video. Chad answers truthfully.

Will thinks he sleeping with Gabi set off a string of events that lead to the shooting. Sonny is called in to testify.

Will has a daydream of taking an older Ari to see Sami in prison. Sami hints that she may commit suicide.

I don't get why Nicole thinks talking sense to Brady will work. It never worked before. Eric tells Kristen to stop the counseling herself

Trask points out that Sonny is Justin's son. Sonny testifies that Will is his lover and he told him about the video.

Sonny testifies that he believes Sami was protecting Rafe. Sonny does admit he can't say that Sami has never lied.

Will is called to testify next. Abby tells Cameron that JJ was dealing. He tells Abby not to get serious about anyone.

Eric tells Kristen he can't turn down Brady when he's asking for his marriage to start off in a religious way.

Brady tells Nicole to let Eric go. She tells him to "go to hell."

Eric says, "I think I finally shut you up, with God's help of course." lol He says she'll be a good mother.

Eric talks Kristen into doing counseling. Didn't see that coming. Brady gets Eric's voice mail.

Kristen leaves the rectory. She calls someone she needs to meet immediately. Chad shows up at the Pub. Abby gets a call.

Chad asks Cameron what he's trying to pull. Will is on the witness stand. Kristen meets with the Dr who insists Eric won't remember.

Eric looks at the hotel bill again and has a flashback. Nicole tells him he cannot think of marrying Bristen.

Kristen debates whether to keep the usb drive or not. Eric tells Nicole that Bristen counseling is none of her business.

Abby asks Chad if everything is ok. Trask asks if Sami asked Will to lie. He confirms she did.

Will is done testifying. He tells Sonny if Sami goes to jail, it's his fault. Kate is next to testify. Cameron watches Chabby.

Brady shows up at the rectory. Eric tells him that Kristen is thinking about the counseling. Nicole sees Kristen with the usb drive.

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  1. Good episode, i loved the court scenes and Will's daydreams..
    On the other hand i find the Chad/Abby/Cameron triangle so boring..and it is above all because of very weak writing. I don't get Cameron at all..he did everything to push Abby in Chad's arms (why ? no idea..) and now he advice her on this Chad's relationship and making it not serious. Ugh..and why he cares so much about Chad's illness (i doubt he is ill by the way)..He know Chad since just months and they never have been close anyway..him being so obsessed and protective (i guess..i don't understand this writing, his motivations) with Chad don't make any sense..And the focus on Abby's feelings about it..seriously ? Who cares ! It was not hard to write something better and more intriguing..make Chad do really something bad or Cameron, i don't know..give them a life outside of obsessing about how Abby is could not have been worse or more boring than their current 'story'..zzzzzz
    And Brady..why does he talk to Nicole (and cares by the way) when he knows perfectly she will insult and outburst at every moments with this Kristen marriage..doesn't make any sense.
    But i loved the trial scenes lol..there just need more players (Eric, Marlena, Caroline, Roman could have been there and the press for more drama..come on).

    Right now the stories are not really bad but there is not real movement, it is too slow and repetitive..and the viewers leave because of that imo. Let's hope this trial will wake things up finally !