Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday's "Eric, Eric, Eric" #Days Live Tweets

Another great episode of Days of our Lives aired today.  Eric somehow had his mom do hypnosis on him without revealing he was having s-e-x in his flashbacks.  Theresa gets fired. Nicole correctly tells Brady he's turning into Maggie.  Even Daniel got tired of talking about Dannifer today.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Brady shows up at Dan's. He sees Dan packing. Brady wants him to stay to be with Jenn. Theresa begs for her job.

Jenn won't listen to Theresa. Rory and Bev want to know how to party without drugs. Eric asks Marlena about hypnosis.

Nicole tells Victor she wants to help. Kristen asks why they are together. Jenn threatens to call the police on Theresa.

JJ wants to go party at Dan's while he's out of town. Dan asks Brady to keep an eye on Jenn while he's at Chloe's.

Eric tells Marlena that he was getting flashbacks of images while at the hotel, he wouldn't tell her what kind of images.

Nicole covers and tells Kristen that she and Victor were discussing AA meeting. Kristen's looking for Chad.

Victor tells Nicole to talk less when she tries to talk her way out of trouble. He leaves. Kristen then asks Vic what is going on.

Victor leaves. Kristen goes after him.

Theresa isn't entirely honest on what will happen if she gets fired. Jenn rips on Theresa for using JJ. JJ has a key to Dan's place.

Eric tells Marlena that Dan thinks he was poisoned. Eric wants a referral from Marlena. She wants to do the hypnosis herself. lol

I would totally pay to see Father Eric doing hypnosis with Marlena. Oh, the awkwardness would be awesome.

Dan's tired of talking about Dannifer. Join the club, dude.

Jenn calls Theresa, "a manipulative lying thief." Jenn tells Theresa to blame herself. She finally leaves the office.

JJ finds Jenn's copy of Dan's key. JJ looks at a pic of his dad. Jenn shows up when JJ and friends leave. Kristen catches up with Vic.

Victor tells Kristen that he and Nicole are going to investigate whether Obama was born in Kenya. lol

Kristen gives Victor "advice" for him to not meddle with Bristen or Brady will cut him out. Nicole is mad at Brady for sicking Maggie on her

Marlena wants Eric to talk about the images. He says it's too uncomfortable. She's so not getting his hints. lol

Jenn wants JJ's friends outside. JJ claims he's there for clothes. Jenn checks them for drugs. JJ asks where does she expect him to stay.

Theresa tells Kayla that Jenn fired her. Theresa claims she was fired for being younger than Jenn. Tre wants a transfer to avoid jail.

Brady tries to get Nicole to go to AA. He says she's drinking over Eric. She wants him to stop throwing "Eric, Eric, Eric" in her face

Kayla tells Theresa to tell her parents about her firing. Kay has to leave. Jenn tells JJ she needs the key.

Nicole tells Brady that he's turning into Maggie. That is so true.

Brady leaves. Nicole orders espresso. Marlena finds a doctor for Eric. Marlena gives them privacy.

Victor tells Kristen that she'll be gone before his family is gone. Brady is behind him.

Theresa looks at a pic of Jenn's family and says, "just might do it." Jenn wants JJ's house key. He leaves. Then she cries.

I can't blame Dan for leaving town to stop the Dannifer pimping. Brady didn't hear Victor, Victor leaves. Brady booked a room at Salem Inn.

Nicole deals with constant media inquiries on Sami's trial from Eric. Nicole sees something odd on her ipad.

Eric is under hypnosis. He's blocked. The dr wants him to have Marlena hypnotize him. Dr asks Marlena for help.

Theresa shows up at Jenn's. She offers to help get JJ back. Dan runs into Nicole. Nicole got an email from the hotel, she asks Dan about it.

Dan tells NIcole to ask Eric about their trip to the hotel. JJ and friends enter Dan's place. Rory finds alcohol.

Marlena hypnotizes Eric. He tells her someone is in the room. Bristen have sex at the Salem Inn. Eric says he knows the woman.

Marlena asks, "who is she?" Kristen picks up a disturbance in the force while having sex with Brady.

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  1. I love that JJ is a metaphorical character voicing the audience's reaction to the Jennifer-Daniel pairing and that Theresa has become JJ's confidante and partner in crime. JJ is difficult not to love because not only is he super handsome, but the character's reaction to witnessing his mother playing tonsil hockey with Dr. Stud and in the aftermath of his dad, Jack's recent death is a normal one, albeit one that puts him on a destruction trajectory. Theresa catching Jennifer at her most vulnerable and lowest point, at the Horton homestead, in tears after having confiscated JJ's keys is brilliant. Little Miss-Behavior is poised to wrap Jennifer right around her finger. That is a great twist.

    Also, this episode should have been entitled Kristen's Clairvoyance. Don't you just love the look on her face in the last scene? Bravo to Ms. Davidson!!!
    Another stellar performance! I said before but I'll saying it again: I wish she would return after her hiatus or sabbatical.