Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday's #Days Live Tweets

Days of our Lives kind of bored me today.  There wasn't any good quotes either.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Marge swears Joe didn't deposit the 100k in Timmy's acct. Kayla talks to Chad at the Pub. Chad figures out Cameron told Kay about the tumor

Jenn tells Abby that JJ left the house. Hope asks JJ when he's going 2 act like an adult. JJ asks to stay with Hope. Marge goes into a rant

Kayla and Chad fight over Chad not informing Cameron about his treatment. Abby's afraid of losing her brother.

JJ tells Hope that he doesn't eat a lot. He got the "Hope eyebrow" on that one. lol

Hope tells JJ the entire SPD will be watching him. Abby calls JJ and wants to meet. Marge gets escorted by the bailiff for her shrieking.

Trask calls Adrienne to the stand.

Adrienne tells the jury how she found out about the 100k. Trask says it's an odd coincidence that Adrienne saw the account balance.

Abby hugs JJ. Abby tells JJ that J&J forgave her with her obsession with Austin. Abby asks him to come home. EJ cross examines Adrienne.

EJ shows that Adrienne was the one who turned in the tape, & got Sami charged again with the murder, thus not colluding with defense.

Abby tells JJ how destructive he's been. Abby says JJ is abandoning his family like Jack did.

Hope tells Jenn she thinks she's dealing with JJ correctly. Trask calls an FBI man to testify about the account.

The FBI guy testifies that Timmy's account had $23 in it a few weeks ago.

I miss the Hope/Jenn relationship when they used to sit on the couch and eat ice cream. JJ's home. Hope leaves.

JJ's there to get his jacket. Shirtless Chad opens the door for Abby. Chad holds her to his chest. Jenn checks for drugs in JJ's jacket.

Jenn tells JJ she owes him an apology. Trask stares down EJ while asking the FBI guy who could get $ from the Caymans into Joe's account.

Jenn tells JJ she should have brought him home when Jack died. Chabby kiss. That's true. Lexie did tell Jenn that JJ was deformed in utero.

Jenn asks JJ to let her help him get his life back on track. Justin doesn't cross examine the FBI guy. Court is in recess.

Sami tells EJ she's going to prison. EJ promises not to quit. He apologizes for his scheme backfiring. Sami has to go back to jail.

Chabby sit on his bed, kissing. JJ tells Jenn he doesn't want her to fix him, just to leave him the hell alone. He leaves.

Kayla gives Sami a good luck charm from Caroline. Sami tells her she's going to prison. EJ wants to talk to Trask privately.

EJ offers himself and Stefano to Trask.

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