Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday's "Your First Time" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Eric is still going nowhere with his flashbacks/dreams. Kristen tries to cut Eric out of the wedding plans. Jenn gets nasty advice from Rory's mom. Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Bristen in bed. Kristen asks if Eric is on their side. Again, Eric looks at the hotel receipt, and has flashbacks which he thinks is a dream

Sami receives cards from her kids. Justin asks EJ to tell him what he's done. Stefano gets a call while at the Club w his girlfriend

Theresa is looking for JJ. Abby asks her why she's not at work. Nicole overhears Maxine saying that Jenn left after the SPD called.

Nicole asks Dan what did JJ do now. Jenn calls JJ "a criminal, and a liar." Father Matt asks if Eric's dream & his flashbacks are connected

Brady tells Kristen he asked Eric to marry them. A random girl tells Abby that JJ got arrested for dealing. Theresa is freaked out.

Jenn asks JJ if he's been dealing since he got home. She remembers he stole Cameron's script pad. She asks if there's drugs in the house.

Kristen doesn't want Eric involved with their wedding. Justin asks EJ if he planted the money. EJ gives a non answer. Justin's not happy.

Sami reads a letter from EJ. Nice of EJ to write his letter in an open robe. Sami cries. She starts to write him back.

Dan tells Nicole that JJ was caught selling drugs. Nic is pushing him to go to the SPD. Abby shows up at the hospital. Dan drives her.

Jenn figures out JJ drugged the doughnuts. He says it was a mistake.

Theresa is freaking out that she's going to go down with JJ. Father Matt thinks Eric is under a lot of stress. Eric thinks Sami is innocent.

Justin updates Sami on the continuance hearing. Stefano talks to EJ at the Club. Jenn brings up JJ trashing Dan's car and Parker's train.

Jenn is really mad for JJ playing the Jack card. Dan and Abby show up. JJ tells her to get out of his damn face.

EJ jokes that Stefano gets comments about Sami's case "at the early bird dinner." Stefano talks about Timmy's stash.

Stefano tells EJ that he walked into the room "like a weak little puppy." Stefano says EJ stabbed him in the back.

Justin gets news that the judge is ready to rule. Kristen agrees to talk to Eric about pre-marital counseling.

Jenn calls JJ a coward for blaming everyone for his problems instead of accepting responsibility. Rory's mom isn't a happy camper either.

JJ has blood shooting out of his eyes when he sees Dan comforting Jenn.

Jenn tells Dan he was right about everything. Abby tells JJ not to give the cops attitude. Dan gets called by surgery.

Stefano sarcastically tells EJ he wishes he could help him.Theresa shows up at work. She overhears Dan and Maxine about Jenn and JJ.

Nicole calls Kristen to Brady "a catastrophic mistake that you are marrying." Kristen shows up at the rectory.

Theresa is trying to be there for Dan. He's not interested. Rory's mother tries to help Jenn "with her first time" dealing with JJ's arrest

Rory's mom tells Jenn that JJ isn't worth it. Kristen tells Eric that she'll help fund 2 scholarships.

Eric tries to get Kristen to leave, she won't.

Theresa wonders where she is going to replace the money she gave JJ. JJ is going to be escorted to his cell. Jenn won't give up on JJ.

Brady tells Nicole she's wrong about Eric. He says Eric will end up marrying Bristen. Kristen tells Eric to tell Brady no to counseling.

EJ tells Sami he talked to Stefano. Justin tells Ejami that the continuance was denied. Trial starts today.

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