Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday's "Rather See Brady With Lindsay Lohan" #Days Live Tweets

A lot of stories came to a head on Days of our Lives today.  We find out all the evidence against Bernardi. Eric figures out his dreams might be memories of his night sick at the hotel.  Sami goes home.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets: 

Abe takes out the razor during the trial. Maggie goes to Jenn's to give unwanted advice. Theresa gets her illegally obtained check.

JJ calls Theresa and wants to meet with her at the park. Marlena tells Victor how badly she sucks at getting evidence on Kristen.

Kristen gets on Nicole at the rectory. Eric starts to put it together that the dream and his illness are connected.

Abe tells the court that the razor had Bernardi's fingerprints and his blood on it. Eric gets upset about his realization.

Abe tells the court that Angela Nash was a nurse at the hospital. She quit and fled the country. The razor was at her place. (Gloria, not Angela)

Bernardi's fingerprints were at Angela's place. Abe found emails between Angela and Joe. JJ tells Theresa that he didn't give her up. (Gloria, not Angela)

JJ asks to stay at Theresa's. Victor wants Nicole in the mix. Marlena asks if Victor "lost his marbles."

Nicole tells Kristen she would rather see Brady with Lindsay Lohan than her. Dan asks Eric if he is ok.

Abe gives a statement from Kayla that Joe should have survived the gunshot and surgery. Gloria Nash might have killed Bernardi.

Bernardi sent Gloria an email that he would never leave his wife for her because of his son. Jenn finds out that JJ calls Theresa.

Trask withdraws all the charges against Sami. Sami calls Marlena about being free. Marlena leaves. Victor has a smirk on his face.

Kristen figures out Nicole wasn't drunk. Kristen gets a call from EJ about Sami. Krissy calls Nicole a "sad, lonely, pathetic loser."

Marlena tells Eric the news via phone. Dan gives Eric his car. I sense a bromance between Dan and Eric.

Sami goes home to the kids. Justin and EJ are there too. Kristen shows up. Marlena's there. Johnny's happy he can keep a turtle he found.

Theresa gives JJ money. Jenn snoops on Theresa's desk. She finds Theresa's check from the discretionary fund.

JJ and Justin at the K-Mansion. Justin tells him to "stop being a punk." Jenn calls security. Theresa shows up at work.

Ejami and Kristen toast to her charges being dropped. EJ already wants laid. Eric shows up at the DiMansion.

Dan tells Maggie the news about Sami. Maggie seems pissed she was the last person to know in Salem. lol

Dan leaves Parker with Maggie. Sami gives Eric a bear hug. Marlena and Eric leave. Ejami head upstairs. Kristen leaves.

Eric wants to talk to Marlena. Dan is at the K-Mansion. He wants to talk to Justin about JJ. Jenn tells Theresa to stop calling her son.

Jenn tells Theresa that she's fired. Theresa calls her a bitch and tells her she needs grounds for firing. Ejami have sex.

Nicole and Victor toast to Sami's luck. Vic tells her to let Marlena handle Kristen. Marlena asks Eric if something happened today.

Sami asks EJ how he got all the evidence. Ej says who cares who got the evidence turned in. Sami agrees.

JJ overhears Justin and Dan. Dan says he's spending the night at Chloe's with Parker. Jenn shows Theresa her check. Kristen sees Vic and Nic

Eric asks Marlena how hypnosis works.


  1. I am still wondering what in the world are the "Powers-That-Be" dreaming up to fill the void once Eileen Davidson's "Kristen Story" wraps up? Ms. Davidson is amazing; what an Excellent actress who brings to life a delicious character in Kristen DiMera: We Love Her!

    That said, maybe the "Powers-That-Be" can dream up a long long sister of Stefano or perhaps they can resurrect Rene DiMera?

    However, without Kristen, the show will lack a very necessary element which is "a central Antagonist," who is not only diabolical but drawn to be so
    multifaceted as to result in overwhelming popularity with the audience as well as to engender audience sympathy for the character, despite her flaws, foibles and neuroses. This is a credit to Ms. Davidson great talent which is stellar and more than Emmy-worthy.

    1. I agree..Kristen will be royally missed..actually i already miss her.. i enjoy her scenes and it is bittersweet watching it while you know soon she will be mia..sigh.
      p.s: please Eileen..come back for the audience's sake at
      Kristen Blake-Dimera is kind of irreplaceable as a dool character..Yep she is a villainess (with some heart and great layers), yep she is a dimera but it is not only is also her history with the show, with the other characters..So Rene Dimera first is dead and then she is just NOT Kristen..she also has some history and is a Dimera, a Stefano's daughter but it is not the same at all. She has not the same relevant, dynamic long-standing history with the major players on the canvas. Kristen's personality mixed up with ED subtle acting is also something.
      With this exit Eileen Davidson really does a number on us and on the show of course. Her choice, i respect it..but doesn't change the fact her absence will be a MAJOR loss in every aspects.

    2. There's going to be a huge void without ED.

  2. I posted the first comment in this chain & I am one of those Days' devotees who loves the show no matter its many incarnations...That said, I am wondering what Days has planned to fill the void left by Ms. Davidson's departure? There is literally zero buzz as to whether an exciting old character will be returning to Salem or whether a new one will be paying a visit other than what's been publicized about Shane and Kimberly.