Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's "His Girl Friday" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives had some touching moments.  Bristen talked about how they love each other.  Chad gives Abby the first copy of Jack's book.  Nicole might finally get a new job.  Eric starts to remember.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Abby asks Chad why he didn't tell her about moving back to the DiMansion. Sonny talks to Ari at the park, Cameron is there.

Sonny tells Cameron that he's sitting him up with Gabi. Will asks Nabi what Nick is doing in his apartment. Bricole in the rectory.

Eric gets hypnotized again. He claims he doesn't remember anything. Kristen is holding the flash drive. EJ walks in. Love Kristen's dress.

EJ asks if Kristen is hiding something. Will asks Gabi if she's lost her mind. Will calls Nick a "disgusting, disgusting human being."

Chad gives Abby a gift. Brady wants to talk about Bricole and Ericole.

Kristen defends Brady's intelligence to EJ. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Abby receives Jack's book from Chad. Abby says she misses him, and Jack would find a way to help JJ.

I feel bad for Wilson's neighbors.

Brady tells Nicole that Eric's doesn't need her. Eric tells the dr that he cannot tell Marlena about the sex memories.

Kristen asks about Ejami wedding plans. Kristen guesses that EJ is upset with Stefano.

Chad tells Abby that being her friend really matters to him. Chabby leave for his apartment. Gabi tells Will not to control her.

Nick tells Will that Sonny knows that Nabi has been having sex. Cameron asks why Sonny is looking out for Gabi.

Nicole runs out of insults for Kristen. She comes up with "the future Mrs. Black." EJ tells Kristen that Chad is moving back in.

Chad gives Abby early reviews of Jack's book. Chad read the book. Now I want to read it.

Abby kisses Chad. Will leaves in a huff. Nicole gets offered a job as a tv reporter.

The tv guy says he needs someone with sparkle. Nicole says she "hasn't sparkled in awhile."

Bristen show up for their pre-cana appointment. Eric is there too.

Abby "thanks" Chad for the book. Chad tells her that Jack said great things about her in the book. Gabi argues with Nick.

Gabi asks Nick to leave. She says that no one in town wants them together. Nick wants to prove that he changed.

Gabi says to herself that she's changed, and she needs to move on from him. Will asks Sonny if he's been lying to him.

EJ asks Nicole if she's up for a new job. Then asks what would Eric do without his "Girl Friday."

Eric asks Kristen why she loves Brady. She says he makes her feel like the most important person in the world.

Kristen says she tends to be egocentric and self-absorbed. Both Eric and Brady say, "no." lol

Gabi receives a text and smiles. Cameron runs into Abby at the hospital. He tells Abby that he's happy for her.

Cabby decide to be friends. The TV producer is named Miles. "Celibacy never says we're out of milk," says Nicole.

Nicole tells EJ she's glad he's in her face. Brady tells Eric that he knows it's love because they got past their problems.

Chad asks how long he needs to keep this up to himself. He's talking about the tumor charade not his member.

Nick thinks he & Gabi need to move to be together. Gabi tells Cameron she will go with him on a date to Octoberfest at the Club. Abby hears.

Nicole tells EJ that she won't let a man make her miserable again. He gets a call, and leaves.

Brady tells Kristen that he still hurts from how she used him. Eric starts having flashbacks again.

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