Friday, September 6, 2013

#Days Casting More Lookalikes

Days of our Lives has cast lookalikes for Nick and Kristen.  Now it looks like they are casting lookalikes for Daniel and Theresa.  You can read the casting call at Daytime Royalty.

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  1. Could be interesting if they don't go too far in a ridiculous OTT way a la Melaswen island way (shudder) or Marlena's clones, fake Rafe way (puke)..So let's hope it will not be so ridiculous..These last years Days tried to be somewhat more clever and realistic even in their plot points..So a throw away back to ridiculous, Reilly (at his worst)/Passions type of laughable writing would be a shame and a disaster. On GH Carlivati and Valentini (the writers/producers) are quite guilty of that..and most of the time it fail their otherwise good points like fast pace, umbrella stories, lot's of actions and cliffhangers and sometimes layers in the characters (not always in a good way when they use too much whitewashing..another very weak point of them..).
    I will read on your site Diva and leave it at that, i will not bother with Daytime Royalty, to me this board is disgusting full of bitterness and trashy thanks, waste of time IMHO.