Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday's "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives was a bit odd.  You got EJ lecturing Wilson on fighting in front of Arianna.  Looks like Sonny and Gabi made up.  Brady/Eric/Nicole is still dragging on and on.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

EJ walks into a tiff between Wilson. Gabi and Kate at the hospital. Gabi asks Kate if she made it clear to Rafe how she feels.

Jordan and Rafe finish PT. He gives her the silent treatment, she asks him why. Nicole sees Dan at the Club. Nicole wants to talk about Eric

Eric starts having flashbacks while Brady talks about Kristen hurting him. Eric leaves. Dan tells Nicole to ask Eric.

Brady asks Eric if he's ok. EJ tells Wilson to not argue in front of the baby. They continue to fight in front of EJ and the baby.

Gabi tells Kate that Rafe is clueless about talking about his feelings. Rafe tells Jordan that he doesn't know what she's thinking.

Rafe thinks Jordan isn't a robot after all. Kristen says she's overwhelmed and tries to leave.

Brady tells Kristen that she deserves better. Will asks EJ if Gabi can leave with the baby. Sonny thinks Gabi didn't mean it.

Will tells Sonny that Gabi is turning into a "nutjob." Sonny thinks Gabi is just lonely. Nicole tells Dan about her job offer.

Dan tells Nicole that he's worried about her. Brady wants to know how do you get over being betrayed.

EJ tells Will to listen to Sonny. EJ tells them he's leaving with Sami and the kids for Chicago. Wilson make up as EJ leaves.

Dan tells Nicole that he doesn't want her to stop feeling safe. Dan tells her to think about what she really wants.

Nicole says to herself that what she wants is the problem. Sonny tells Will to text Gabi to come home and talk.

Jordan can't leave Gabi fast enough. Gabi gets the text. Kate chickens out on telling Rafe how she feels.

Kristen tells Dan she's going to go ahead with the fertility treatments. Gabi shows up at the Wilson apartment.

Will apologizes for blowing up at Gabi. Gabi feels like she's only Ari's mom. Good dialogue, a lot of moms feel that way.

Gabi tells Wilson that she's going to break things off with Nick. She apologizes for threatening to take the baby. Ari cries.

Brady asks Eric why he left earlier. Brady tells him to talk to Nicole again. Kristen thanks Dan for his support.

Kristen leaves behind a business card of a doctor. EJ wakes up Rafe in his room.

Gabi asks Sonny if he got Cameron to ask her out. He fesses up. Gabi says she needs to figure out "Sabi."

EJ tells Rafe that they are one big happy family now. He's not happy still about Rafe's testimony. "Truth, justice, and the American Way."

Nicole shows up at the rectory. Eric asks about the hotel again. She tells him that she has to leave. Dan leaves a message for Kristen

Brady overhears, and Dan won't spill why he called Kristen. Kristen wants her rape tape editor to delete it permanently.

The rape tape editor says it's not the same flash drive. Kristen says, "omg this is not happening."

Ratings, #Days Still in Fourth

Days of our Lives was the biggest gainer in the rating race for September 20th, but remained in fourth place. You can read the entire ratings at Soap Opera Network.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

#Days Interview Clip with Zucker, Hall, Christian from Chicago

WGN in Chicago interviewed Days of our Lives actors Arianne Zucker, Shawn Christian, and Deidre Hall about the "Better Living" book.

#Days Video Preview for Sept 30th

Days of our Lives video preview for the week of September 30th.

Seriously Kayla, telling a troubled teen that his father raped her is not a good idea when he's homeless and just out of jail.  WTH?  This storyline would be more interesting if Jack was alive and on the show.

#Days Spoiler Pics for Sept 30th

You can find Days of our Lives spoiler pics for the week of September 30th here.

Friday's "His Girl Friday" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives had some touching moments.  Bristen talked about how they love each other.  Chad gives Abby the first copy of Jack's book.  Nicole might finally get a new job.  Eric starts to remember.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Abby asks Chad why he didn't tell her about moving back to the DiMansion. Sonny talks to Ari at the park, Cameron is there.

Sonny tells Cameron that he's sitting him up with Gabi. Will asks Nabi what Nick is doing in his apartment. Bricole in the rectory.

Eric gets hypnotized again. He claims he doesn't remember anything. Kristen is holding the flash drive. EJ walks in. Love Kristen's dress.

EJ asks if Kristen is hiding something. Will asks Gabi if she's lost her mind. Will calls Nick a "disgusting, disgusting human being."

Chad gives Abby a gift. Brady wants to talk about Bricole and Ericole.

Kristen defends Brady's intelligence to EJ. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Abby receives Jack's book from Chad. Abby says she misses him, and Jack would find a way to help JJ.

I feel bad for Wilson's neighbors.

Brady tells Nicole that Eric's doesn't need her. Eric tells the dr that he cannot tell Marlena about the sex memories.

Kristen asks about Ejami wedding plans. Kristen guesses that EJ is upset with Stefano.

Chad tells Abby that being her friend really matters to him. Chabby leave for his apartment. Gabi tells Will not to control her.

Nick tells Will that Sonny knows that Nabi has been having sex. Cameron asks why Sonny is looking out for Gabi.

Nicole runs out of insults for Kristen. She comes up with "the future Mrs. Black." EJ tells Kristen that Chad is moving back in.

Chad gives Abby early reviews of Jack's book. Chad read the book. Now I want to read it.

Abby kisses Chad. Will leaves in a huff. Nicole gets offered a job as a tv reporter.

The tv guy says he needs someone with sparkle. Nicole says she "hasn't sparkled in awhile."

Bristen show up for their pre-cana appointment. Eric is there too.

Abby "thanks" Chad for the book. Chad tells her that Jack said great things about her in the book. Gabi argues with Nick.

Gabi asks Nick to leave. She says that no one in town wants them together. Nick wants to prove that he changed.

Gabi says to herself that she's changed, and she needs to move on from him. Will asks Sonny if he's been lying to him.

EJ asks Nicole if she's up for a new job. Then asks what would Eric do without his "Girl Friday."

Eric asks Kristen why she loves Brady. She says he makes her feel like the most important person in the world.

Kristen says she tends to be egocentric and self-absorbed. Both Eric and Brady say, "no." lol

Gabi receives a text and smiles. Cameron runs into Abby at the hospital. He tells Abby that he's happy for her.

Cabby decide to be friends. The TV producer is named Miles. "Celibacy never says we're out of milk," says Nicole.

Nicole tells EJ she's glad he's in her face. Brady tells Eric that he knows it's love because they got past their problems.

Chad asks how long he needs to keep this up to himself. He's talking about the tumor charade not his member.

Nick thinks he & Gabi need to move to be together. Gabi tells Cameron she will go with him on a date to Octoberfest at the Club. Abby hears.

Nicole tells EJ that she won't let a man make her miserable again. He gets a call, and leaves.

Brady tells Kristen that he still hurts from how she used him. Eric starts having flashbacks again.

Diva's 147th #Days Blogtalkradio Show Scheduled

The Diva's 147th Blogtalkradio show is scheduled for Saturday at 10 pm est.  This is a live, call in show.  Call in to talk to us at 914.338.1239 then press 1.  Or join our friends in the chat room on the show page.  Topics this week include:  JJ breaking into Daniel's apartment, the short appearance of Chloe, and EJ blackmailing Chad.

#Days OK! Interview from NYC Book Tour

Soap Opera Digest's Stephanie Sloan interviewed Days of our Lives actors for OK! at the New York stop of the "Better Living" book tour.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

#Days Davidson, Smith Interview

Days of our Lives actors, Eileen Davidson and Freddie Smith did a satellite interview with WDTN about the "Better Living" book.

You can watch the video here.

Day of #Days Event Back This Year!

According to the official Days of our Lives twitter account, the Days of Days event in California is back this November:

ICYMI: Be sure to plan for this year’s ‘Day of ’ on November 9 at the Universal City Walk in California!

Michael Fairman Interview with #Days Cast on Massey Exit/Wilson Hiring

Michael Fairman interviewed Days of our Lives actors Blake Berris, Camila Banus, and Casey Deidrick about Chandler Massey's exiting and Guy Wilson taking over the role of Will Horton. You can read it here.

Thursday's "Thinking Like a DiMera" #Days Live Tweets

Pic courtesy of Galen Gering.

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, EJ screws over Chad. Theresa makes a lame attempt to get her job back.  Jenn blasts Daniel for trying to get JJ to move back home. Nick, Gabi, and Wilson trash each other.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

EJ asks Chad if he has a brain tumor. Chad says he had a false positive. EJ asks why he wrote down experimental treatments.

Sonny tells Abby that he doesn't want Chad to hurt her. Gabi overhears and isn't happy. Kate and Nick eating at the Pub.

Will asks Kate if Nick is getting rehired. Rafe in a wheelchair ready to go to the PT room. He comments on Jordan's lack of humanness

Theresa rips up the plane ticket. She runs into Jenn and calls her a bitch. Dan tells JJ that someone broke into his place.

EJ asks about printing out the therapy yesterday. EJ threatens to call Kayla. Theresa tells Jenn that Caroline "would forgive Satan."

Theresa taunts Jenn by mentioning that she lost JJ for good. Dan offers JJ a deal not to call the cops or Jenn if he'll listen.

Will thinks Nick lied about Sami pulled a gun on him. Nick said it was true, and Sami had the charges dropped. Kate agrees it was her fault.

Sonny continues to bash Chad. Apparently Sonny will never be Chad's wing-man.

Chad tells EJ that Cameron stabbed him in the back. EJ says that Chad lied about the tumor to get back at Cameron for being with Abby.

EJ tells Chad he made a wise decision. Theresa tells Jenn she'll make her pay for losing her job. Dan tells JJ to go home.

Dan tells JJ that Jenn always talked about JJ. JJ says Dan will still turn Jenn against him.

Jordan tells Rafe that she is not his court jester. Rafe tells her jokes. Gabi says she's made amends w Chad. Abby leaves for lunch w Chad

Abby says Chad won't hurt her. Chad doesn't want Abby to know about the tumor story. EJ says he's "thinking like a DiMera."

EJ again asks Chad to move back to the mansion. They both leave. JJ says he won't go home so Dan will be the hero.

Nick's attempt to get Gabi back into modeling fails. I still don't get why Sonny thinks he wasn't trashing Chad.

Chabby meet at the Pub. EJ crashes their lunch. He says he wants to be there when Chad breaks the news.

Theresa says she doesn't want to be on the bus with all those poor people. lol She tries to get a ride with a biker.

Theresa hands the biker money for a different favor. Rafe wants beer. Jordan tries not to smile. Kate shows up. Jordan leaves.

Sonny and Gabi discuss the Melanie kidnapping thing. Sonny says he loves Ari. Gabi wants him to respect her.

EJ threatens to tell Abby something that Chad is keeping secret.

Sonny tells Will he looks distracted. He mentions having a run in with Nick. Wilson will go with Ari to the zoo.

Nick drops by the Wilson apartment. Gabi is there. Nick complains about the tension with Will. Gabi complains about Sonny.

Nick mentions if Sonny outs Gabi over the Melanie kidnapping that Justin and Chad would get into trouble too.

Chad says the secret is he's moving into the DiMansion. EJ says Stefano may move back in. Abby gets a call, excuses herself.

Chad calls EJ "you son of a bitch." EJ smiles. Theresa tries to fake a robbery on Anne. Anne saw her talking to the biker earlier.

JJ tells his friends that Dan knows about the break in. Dan tells Jenn he initiated the talk with JJ. Jenn's furious he made things worse.

Rafe thinks it's interesting for Jordan to fight who she really is. EJ tells Chad he's been in the family long enough to see how it works.

Chad asks if EJ was going to mention the brain tumor story to Abby. EJ will leave that a mystery. Nick starts kissing Gabi's neck.

Nabi kiss. Will walks in and says, "what the hell is going on?" Anne says she can't give Theresa her job back. She does like her moxie.

Anne thinks there's a place for Theresa at the hospital. JJ tells Rory that Dan won't tell on them. Jenn is protesting too much.

Again, Jenn tells Daniel to stay away from her and her son.