Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday's Signs from God #Days Live Tweets

Since Eric and Daniel are seeing signs from God about their lives, I take it that God did not want me to watch Days of our Lives today because the show got interrupted three times in three different ways.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are my very short live tweets:

I saw a half a second of today, now to Lester Holt.

30 minutes later...

I think Brady asked Kristen to go to Hawaii with him. She turns him down. Dan tells Eric that no matter what he does, JJ wins.

Eric tells Dan to ask God for perspective. JJ comes home. Jenn wants to talk about their relationship. Abe with Sami in jail.

EJ and Justin at the DiMansion, Justin tells EJ not to undermine him. EJ denies it. Justin thinks EJ wants Sami to be found guilty.

Figures so bad that G4 shows at the same time NBC shows . Could have watched Nikki/Paolo's death > Dannifer.

Jenn tells JJ that she loves Dan. So Jenn tells JJ that she wants to talk about Jenn/JJ, and instead talks about loving Dan.

Dan shows Parker's birth certificate to Eric. Dan takes it as a sign. Dan tells Eric that he looks like hell.

Daniel tells Eric that he's ignoring something. Kristen says she has to stay in Salem for the scholarships.

Abby chases Cameron. She wants to know why he's avoiding her. Justin thinks EJ's judgment is clouded.

Now, is interrupted by a thunderstorm warning in an area no where near me. *sigh*

5 minutes later...

Chad eavesdrops on Cabby. Abby tells Cameron it feels like he's giving her to Chad. I guess she's mad he's not fighting for her.

JJ wants to stop acting like he's close to Jenn. Oh great, Dan shows up. JJ asks Jenn which of them she wants to talk to.

Nicole runs into Brady at the Square. He guesses correctly that she left the rectory because Kristen was there.

Nicole tells Brady that Eric isn't himself. Eric calls for help interpreting his rape dream. He thinks God is speaking to him in dreams.

Melinda and Edward Klein visit Sami in jail. She's recording it too. I just lost my signal. Good grief!

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