Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday's "Ph. D. in Optimism" #Days Live Tweets

Due to a thunderstorm, I only got to watch parts of Days of our Lives today.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

JJ notices Jenn's afterglow. Maxine tells Dan that Jenn won a PR award. Yeah, we're all surprised, Dan.

Maggie talks to Will on a bench about Sami. Maggie asks if he's having problems with Sami. Eric confronts Nic about sleeping w Brady.

Nicole says Bricole was temporary. Eric says Kristen told him. Kristen turns down working with Eric on the school scholarships.

Maxine successfully guesses that Dannifer reunited for the ten millionth time. Jenn lies that she's happy because of JJ being on track

Theresa leaves a message for JJ. Tre talks to Caroline at the Pub. Theresa asks about Nick. Nic tells Eric that Bricole wasn't his business

Brady asks why Kristen doesn't want to work with Eric. She says it's because he's not happy with Bristen.

Nicole is kind of throwing her fling with Brady in Eric's face. Eric looks devastated. He says there's something she needs to know.

Kristen asks if Brady got a "Ph. D. in optimism." No, but he has a master's in being a dumbass lovefool.

Jenn tells JJ to bring over his new girl before her book club meeting tonight. JJ asks about Theresa, Jenn doesn't think she'll last long.

Figures so bad. Dish is out with the upcoming rain storm.

Jenn asks Daniel to sneak around. I hope they sneak around off screen.

Jenn thinks sneaking around is romantic, Dan doesn't think so. He doesn't want to lie. Surprise! broke up again.

Father Matt tells Eric that the bishop wants Kristen DiMera to be on the scholarship committee. Eric agrees to do it reluctantly.

Kristen asks her rape drug doctor if Eric will remember her if she works with him. He says if he hasn't remembered by now, he won't.

Dish is down again.

Well, is over. I still don't have my dish back. Figures.

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