Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday's Hangover #Days Live Tweets

Other than Kristen realizing that Aunt Flo is late, nothing much happened on Days of our Lives today.  NBC stopped working for me the last five minutes of the show.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are my live tweets:

Brent and Sonny discuss the club opening soon at the Pub. Will listens to Brent describe his vacation. Cameron sends a text to Chad.

Gabi asks Cameron if he's ok. Abby reads about Sami's trial on a tablet. JJ's on the phone discussing the book club.

JJ tells Abby not to eat a doughnut. Daniel tells Eric they probably won't find out what happened to him. Kristen dreams about Eric.

Kristen tells Brady that she was dreaming she "was with the right man, and her dream came true."

JJ claims the doughnut was sneezed on. Jenn wants to talk about last night. Daniel thinks Eric may get targeted again.

Kristen asks Brady if they made a mistake by sleeping together.

Chad shows up at the meeting at the Pub. Chad praises Brent/Sonny. Gabi takes a stroll with the baby, she talks to Cameron.

Jenn thinks she was drunk last night. Wow. Jenn is really dumb.

Jenn asks Abby why she's so upset about Sami. Abby says she's been hiding something. Eric wants to know what is bothering Daniel.

Daniel tells Eric his romantic past. Kristen tells Brady that she thinks he's playing her. Brady wants to slow down.

Abby tells Jenn she knew about the video of Sami/Bernardi. She won't say how she knew. Jenn figures out it was the DiMeras.

Will wants to leave, saying Ari needed her sunhat. Chad offers to do it for him. The guys notice that Chad is down.

Gabi is using that baby to pick up guys. lol Cameron holds the baby.

Daniel talks about Chloe and Parker. Daniel commits to no more secrets. Kristen has to do the scholarship interviews. Brady wants a date.

Brady wants to shower with Kristen. Daniel wants to be a good role model for Parker. Kristen is still thinking about Eric in bed.

Will tells Brent to back off on Sonny. Chad gives Ari her hat. Chad leaves. Cameron says he has to leave too.

Jenn wants Abby to talk to a lawyer. Abby won't do it. Daniel finally comes around to telling Eric that Jenn wants to sneak around.

Kristen is eavesdropping on Eric/Daniel.

Kristen asks Eric if they should send Nicole out for sandwiches. Daniel leaves. Brent claims he wants Will to go camping too.

Will doesn't buy that Brent isn't into Sonny. Brent leaves. Sonny wants to know what he missed. Chad asks Cameron if he should tell Abby.

JJ made breakfast for Abby. Jenn is on hold trying to get an attorney. Daniel walks into her office. Daniel agrees to sneak around.
Jenn's fantasizing. Daniel's with Brady at the Square. Brady tells Daniel he wants to go on a date with Kristen.
Sonny wants to have gay friends. He pulls Will into a kiss. Abby tells JJ about her legal troubles. JJ says he's there for her.

Daniel tells Brady to be careful with Kristen. Kristen and Eric tell a mom that her daughter got the scholarship. The mom is pregnant

The mom says she lost track of time when she figured out she was pregnant. Kristen's eyes get really BIG

My TV is now showing a blank, yellow screen. Really? I only have 5 more minutes of to go.

The other channels are working. Only NBC is out.

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