Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday's "Bank of Vargas" #Days Live Tweets

Wednesday's episode of Days of our Lives has Chad and Sonny's club opening.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Marlena overhears Kristen talking about cheating on Brady. Nick receives Gabi's stuff from Henderson. Victor says, "the one who got away?"

Gabi and Wilson ready for the club opening. Kayla calls. Abby walks into the club and talks to Chad. Marlena leaves the mansion.

Marlena leaves with Sydney and runs into Brady. Vargas gives Theresa drugs. Gabi and Wilson looking for babysitters.

Gabi offers to stay. Will offers to stay. T shows up with his date, Robyn. T wants a drink named after him. Chabby slow dance.

Kristen goes outside to join Brady, Marlena, and Sydney

Sydney says she missed her mommy. Brady and Sydney go to check on the fish. Vargas and Theresa get high.

Theresa sees that Vargas was in prison. He asked if she's scared. She's not. Nick's parole ends tomorrow. He can move out.

Victor tells Nick to pack up, he's leaving the house. Wilson leave for the club. Vargas pulls out his cash from a coffee can.

Theresa keeps her eye on "The First Bank of Vargas."

Wilson shows up at the club. Vargas and Theresa arrive. Marlena wants to bury the hatchet with Bristen.

Theresa excuses herself to "powder" her nose. Nick shows up at Gabi's. Marlena asks, "can we just get along?"

Gabi tells Nick she can't go to the club. Nick offers to babysit. She refuses. Then he offers to keep her company.

Theresa is talking a mile a minute. Vargas leaves to get high. Theresa bumps into a guy. T wants to settle down.

Kristen agrees to bury the hatchet. Marlena leaves. Kristen doesn't buy Marlena wants to bury the hatchet.

Brady wants to give Marlena a chance. Kristen wants to go to Chad's club. Marlena goes to Victor's to gloat it only took one day.

Gabi sees that Nick's parole is over tomorrow. Vargas is dancing. Theresa doesn't want to. Tre says hello to Will.

Theresa asks for a family discount on drinks. Bristen shows up. Kristen's hair looks like she drove to the club in a convertible.

Marlena tells Victor that Kristen has a secret, and she knows what it is.

Nick doesn't know if he wants to leave town. He asks Gabi if she wants him to go. Nick says the best thing for him was her.

Vargas is looking for Theresa. Will shows Brady baby pictures. Bristen kiss on the dance floor. Vargas sees Tre with another guy.

Marlena tells Victor the entire story. Vic says Brady would need 10 items of proof plus sky writing to believe Kristen cheated.

Nick reminisces about Nabi. Chad tells Abby about their roof garden. Vargas breaks up Theresa and the other guy. Vargas punches the guy

Chad tries to break up the fight. Vargas punches Chad. Bristen have sex. Victor wants to know who Kristen was confiding with.

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