Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday's "Salem Is So Screwed Up" #Days Live Tweets

I missed the first few minutes of Days of our Lives.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Joining late. Theresa finds a piece of mail that Daniel dropped on the floor at the hospital. Victor and Marlena talk at the KMansion

Victor tells Marlena to stick with him, because Kristen won't have a prayer. Kristen doesn't think she should be on the scholarship board.

JJ asks Jenn if he could hang out with Bev tonight. JJ spies Daniel's pen on the floor. JJ tells Jenn that Daniel rags on him.

Theresa gives Daniel his mail at his place. She asks him out. She says she has to cancel her date. Dan says they are not close to dating

Kristen pretends she's concerned about Sami. She tells him it's Madison's death anniversary.

Victor: "Don't you wish for the day that Kristen goes straight to Hell? Do not pass Salem" Victor wants them to find one of Kristen's lies.

Eric leaves. Kristen calls Jenn. She asks for Jenn to come over.

Cameron tells Kayla about Chad's condition. Abby agrees to be Chad's date. Abby tells him that she told Jenn about the tape.

Daniel tells Theresa that nothing is going to happen between them. I like her skull blouse. Theresa leaves.

Marlena talks to Eric at the rectory. Eric tells her that Kristen really loves children. Marlena laughs "Kristen cares about Kristen.

Jenn asks Kristen if she's preggers.

Abby wants to talk to Kayla about Chad and Cameron. Cameron shows up at the club. Eric tells Marlena that Kristen is complex. lol

Marlena tells Eric that Kristen wanted Sami's kids out of the mansion so she could be alone.

Marlena tells Eric that Kristen is "the actual embodiment of evil." Kristen tells Jenn she's not pregnant. Jenn comforts her.

Abby tells Kayla she was ready to pick Cameron until Chad said something to her. Chad tells Cameron that Abby is his date.

JJ tells Rory he thinks Daniel is on to him dealing. JJ just wants to be more careful dealing.

Theresa leaves a message for Vargas asking if he has a real name. lol Theresa asks Anne who Daniel is seeing. Anne tells her Jenn.

Daniel checks on Eric. Oh give me a break. Daniel is complaining to Eric about JJ. Jenn leaves the DiMansion.

Kristen tells herself she "is not going to cry over a stupid blue line. The future is mine and Brady's."

Kayla tells Abby to wait longer for her decision. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz It's been long enough. Come on.

Theresa asks Anne how long Dannifer have been dating. Anne says it depends if you count their breaks.

Theresa says to herself, "he'd rather be with her? Salem is so screwed up." lol

Eric hasn't had any relapses. Eric tells Daniel he gets feelings of dread, and he doesn't want to remember.

Kristen calls Jenn. She tells Jenn not to mention the pregnancy scare. Marlena overhears Kristen talking about sleeping w someone else.

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