Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday's "One Heartbroken Mess of a Man" #Days Live Tweets

Another typical Dannifer episode, but Nicole and Eric's conversation was the best part of Days of our Lives today.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Eric and Nicole with a parishioner near death. Gabi and Will fighting over Nick. Sonny tries to get Gabi to quiet down.

Brady shows up at Jenn's for some Dannifer pimping. Dan asks Kristen what secret she was talking about.

Gabi asks Wilson what happened to them all being in it together? Dying woman tells Nicole she looks like her sister, Stacy.

Jenn tells Brady what happened with JJ and Dan. Jenn says she gave in for a second and lost both guys. Kristen stops Dan from calling Brady.

Nicole talks about her sister to the dying woman. Eric tells her to let go. She passes. Eric prays for her.

Will tells Sonny that Nick was holding the baby. Will reminds her what Nick did to Wilson. Nick tells Maggie he moved out on his own.

Nick and Maggie talk about Vargas' arrest. Nick says, "it could have been me." Dan tells Kristen he's having "a messed up day."

Kristen agrees to tell Daniel everything so he won't call Brady. I have no idea why Dan is taking his anger about Jenn on Kristen.

Stacy arrives. Eric tells her that her sister died in peace. Nicole is upset about how young the woman was.

Nick tells Maggie he wants to get back what he lost. Gabi tells the boys that Nick did those things because he was in prison.

Wilson tell Gabi that being in prison isn't an excuse for Nick. Eric thanks Nicole 4 being there. Nic tells Eric he deserves some happiness

Kristen tells Dan that Brady is her "salvation." She lies about her secret. Brady tells Jenn to give it another shot with Dan.

Brady tells Jenn that Bristen is going to be honest with each other. Jenn looks shocked. Kristen tells Dan to call Jenn.

Gabi feels outnumbered. Eric basically says his happiness is God's will. Gabi leaves because she feels her life fell apart.

Kristen spies Parker's birth certificate. Jenn reminds Brady he once thought Kristen was hiding something. Brady asks what Kristen is hiding

Kristen formally announces she's on Team Dannifer. Eric tells about a priest who died in front of him in the Congo.

Jenn doesn't tell Brady about Kristen sleeping with someone else. Brady gets a call. Kristen shows up at Jenn's.

Maggie brings Parker back to Dan's. Sonny tells Will they have to bend a little for Gabi. Will wonders how long it can work out.

Nick sees Gabi studying at the Square. Nick helps her with math. Nick asks if she regrets sleeping with him.

Dan reads Parker's birth certificate to him. He wants to skype with Melanie. Maggie starts crying over this birth certificate. *rolls eyes*

Maggie tells Dan she wants him to raise Parker with Jenn. Jenn fills Kristen in on what happened with Dan and JJ.

Kristen tells Jenn that Dan is "one heartbroken mess of a man." Nicole apologizes to Eric for ever doubting his choice to be a priest.

Kristen says JJ needs to man up. Brady overhears Kristen and Jenn. Kristen tells Jenn that Dan got great news today.

Kristen tells Jenn that Brady is the best thing that ever happened to her.

Oh, the dying woman's name was Elizabeth. Nicole wants Eric to sleep. Sonny tells Will he's willing to do anything to make it work.

Nick tells Gabi that being with her is like a dream. She leaves for class without responding. Jenn goes upstairs.

Brady kisses Kristen. Dan walks into the rectory. He wants to see Eric. Father Whattawaste is sleeping shirtless.

Eric has a dream about what Kristen did to him.

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