Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday's #FreeJulie #Days Live Tweets

Without a doubt, Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) stole the show on today's episode of Days of our Lives.  I have no idea why the show doesn't use Susan and Bill Hayes more often.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

JJ tries to figure out why he and his friends are still sober. The ladies of the book club think the doughnuts are really really good.

Rafe tells Gabi that he wants to talk to Sami. Kate sees Cecily and Stefano having a good time. Kate tells him she doesn't believe his lies

Sami thinks Abe left because of her case. EJ is optimistic, but doesn't spill the beans.

Stefano sends Cecily away. Kate wants him to tell her that he didn't send Bernardi to hurt Rafe. Gabi tells Rafe Sami is in jail.

A cop tells Abe that he may have found something.

Sami thinks that something is up with EJ. Abe tells Hope that there should have been some suspicion about Bernardi at the SPD.

EJ won't tell Sami what is going on. The cop found a box of legal documents, nothing incriminating. Gabi shows up to see Sami.

JJ figures out why they are not high. The ladies are high. Julie bashes the cruises she goes on with Doug. Jenn gets more doughnuts.

Julie is now bashing buffets and pictures of dogs. EJ asks if Abe found anything. Abe says he didn't tell anyone about the search.

Gabi shows a video of Rafe from the hospital to Sami. He tells Sami that he believes her. Sami tears up.

Stefano swears he didn't send Bernardi to kill Rafe. Stefano calls her a "soulless whore." He's pissed.

JJ leaves for the book club. Rory jokes that he hopes they are reading "50 Shades of Gray." Kayla's eating pickles. Jenn's got chips.

Julie looks at a pickle, and says, "eat me." Nicole gets upset and leaves. Kayla moves on to peanut butter. Julie whips out handcuffs!

Julie handcuffs herself & asks 4 a paper clip to unlock them. It didn't work. Adrienne feeds Julie bread. "I hate white bread," says Kayla

Jenn wants to call Hope to . Kayla wants Hope to bring over tacos. Nicole is getting annoyed with the sheningans.

Rafe on tape tells Sami to trust EJ. Abe buys EJ's excuse on how he knew about the search. Abe tells him they found nothing.

Hope gets a call from Julie. Julie tells her that she's handcuffed and needs a key so "I can eat soup again."

Hope asks how much Julie has been drinking. Julie complains about Jenn's cheap wine. Kate gets Kayla's PT recommendation.

Kate calls Kayla who is stuffing her face with peanut butter. Kate thinks it's a bad connection. A cop shows up to

I like Jennifer better high.

The cop gives Jenn a handcuff key. Lucky for her, he left. The lackey tells EJ he did as ordered. Stefano has the $$$.

JJ freed Julie. JJ offers to clean up by grabbing the doughnuts. Kayla notices they are gone. JJ put the doughnuts in the sink?

Kate tells Rafe that Stefano said he didn't send Bernardi to kill him. Rafe asks Kate if she believes him. Hope visits Sami.

Hope tells Sami that their lead didn't pan out. EJ asks Stefano if he thinks he will get away with it.

Julie is singing on her way to the cab. Nicole is suspicious of JJ calling the cab. Jenn looks at JJ baby photos.

Jenn hugs JJ and tells him that she loves him. She offers him a doughnut. JJ gets her to go to bed.

Kate says that since Stefano swore on DiMera honor that he's telling the truth. EJ tells Stefano that (Stefano) had no problems sleeping.

Hope tells Sami to not let EJ stray from the law.

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  1. Well this 'doughnut session' was not the riot i heard it was..disappointed in a way.. Majority of the gals did not act like people being stoned..yep i know from experience..ha. There were some funny moments but i was bored at others..
    Was the 'Rafe video' necessary ? I don't get what was the purpose of it..if it is a way to once again throw Rafe in Sami's orbit : NO THANKS writers.
    Why Ej doesn't tell Sami what he is doing ?..I don't like that at all, they should be honest with each others, it is time ! Sami should know what is going on about HER fate, people doing things about her behind her back is a big NO no, i don't want that anymore, even less from Ej who is supposed to be her partner right now.
    All in all i am not a big fan of this eppi.