Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday's "Broke, Ex-Con Loser" #Days tweets

Today had to be one of the most awkward Days of our Lives episodes ever.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Opening the show with kissing is a major fail. Theresa wants to meet with JJ. Nick gets shot down for a job.

Marge tells Justin that he will not have her husband's body exhumed. Nicole tells Brady that Eric is shutting her out.

Nicole is afraid for Eric's health and wants Brady's help. Eric catches Kristen crawling on the floor of the rectory.

Sami's afraid Marge will come back. Marge plays the Adrienne card on Justin. Daniel puts the brakes on Jenn. They leave the K-Mansion.

Kristen finds her bracelet and tries to leave. Eric won't let her.

JJ comes up with an excuse to dump his date with Bev. Theresa runs into Nick. Brady tells Nicole that Eric is fine.

Nicole tells Brady that Eric knows she's in love with him. Kristen admits to Eric that she's not being honest.

Theresa assumes Nick is a stock broker. She offers to buy him coffee. He takes her up on her offer. JJ sees he got ditched again.

Oh gross love scene.

Nicole tells Brady that EJ outed her to Eric. Brady thinks EJ did her a favor. Brady tells her to be honest with Eric.

Kristen claims she wants to talk to Nicole about her (Nicole's) affair with Brady. Eric didn't know.

EJ puts Johnny on the phone with Sami. Johnny says he directed his home movie. lol He asks when she'll be home.

Marge tells Justin that Joe was cremated. My mom totally called that one.

Nick excuses himself to take a call from the Salem Dept of Corrections. JJ tells Tre she's an idiot for trying to snag Nick.

Jenn tells Dan she loves him. Nicole tells Brady that he's insane to tell her to tell Eric the truth. Nic says she's still a bad girl.

Brady tells Nicole good luck on lying to Eric about her feelings. Eric looks devastated about Bricole sex. Kristen leaves.

JJ tells Theresa that Nick is his cousin, then he tells her Nick's sordid past. Tre accuses JJ of being jealous.

Jenn remembers she has to go to work. *rolls eyes* Marge tells Justin she had Joe cremated to save money.

Sami tells EJ that their wedding will be her last. rotflmaopimp Wanna bet?

Justin calls EJ with bad news.

JJ tells Theresa that Nick is unemployed. Tre asks for help to ditch Nick. JJ tells her not to call him again.

Sami is not happy to hear that Joe is ashes now. Maxine tells Jenn that JJ is in her office. Jenn won a PR award. Seriously.

Brady meets Kristen at the DiMansion. Father Matt shows up while Brady zippers her dress.

Nicole meets Eric at the rectory.

Theresa calls Nick "a broke, ex-con loser." Theresa tells Nick she can't stand dishonest people. lol

JJ can tell that Jenn is in a good mood. Justin confirms that Bernardi was cremated.

Father Matt asks Kristen to be on the scholarship committee. Kristen tells him in front of Brady that she doesn't want to work w Eric.

Eric asks Nicole if she slept with Brady.

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