Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday's "Needs Better Bouncers" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives had some interesting characters interacting.  We got to see Hope/Vargas, Nick/Gabi sex, Kate with inappropriate chemistry with T, Kate/Hope, EJ flirting with Abby, etc.  I love when the script writers have the cast interact more with characters they don't usually interact with.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are my Days live tweets:

Nick tells Gabi that she's the most beautiful woman he's ever known. He kisses her. EJ meets with some guy about a financial mystery.

Hope and Kate talk in the Square. Hope teases Kate about being in love with Rafe. Cameron shows up at the club.

Vargas punches the guy who is hitting on Theresa. Chad intervenes, then Vargas knocks him out.

Vargas gets into a fight with guy no. 3 before others jump in to end the fight.

Kate asks Hope if Rafe will be asked to testify. Hope gets called to the fight. Vargas gets arrested, Theresa flees.

Cameron checks on Chad. Sonny gets everyone inside. The cop finds drugs on Vargas. Hope sees it's Vargas.

Hope reads Vargas his rights. Cameron tells Chad to be careful about receiving blows to the head with his tumor.

Gabi breaks up the kiss. Nick says the magic words, and Gabi starts kissing him. Chabby dance. Kate is at the club.

EJ shows up at the club. Stefano and Cecily arrive. Now it's a party!

Vargas tells Hope that the drugs aren't his. Hope tells him that it isn't going away. Theresa is out of cash.

Theresa remembers the First Bank of Vargas. Wilson tell Kate that Gabi was home with the baby. Chad tells Stefano to put the cigar out.

Stefano gives his cigar to T. Chad says that the club "needs better bouncers." EJ tells Chad that Stefano will rot in hell for Sami in jail

Nabi finish having sex. Gabi says, "it was incredible." EJ asks how Chabby is doing. EJ is charming to Abby, Abby tells Chad he can learn from EJ

Will asks Sonny if things are working out with Gabi & the baby. Vargas reminds Hope he helped with Jensen. Hope says 4 or 5 years in prison

Theresa counts the money at the First Bank of Vargas. Kate talks to T. Stefano and Cecily step out with Sonny whom he calls "Jackson."   (Glad that the writers remembered Sonny's first name.)

Stefano rubs it in Will's face about Sami being in jail. Sonny gets Will to leave who was about to tell off Stefano.

Kate tells Stefano she knows why he sent Bernandi to Rafe's hospital room, "you sick, twisted bastard."

Gabi wants Nick out before Will returns. Gabi already has second thoughts on Nabi sex. Ari is awake. EJ wants to talk about Chad to Abby.

EJ is trying to figure out how Abby feels about Chad. The EJAbby fans are going to love this eppy. Cameron asks EJ how Chad is doing.

Kate tells Stefano he won't get away with it. Stefano asks if she knows how many times he's heard that in the past. Good point.

Vargas calls Theresa. He wants her to get his attorney's number. She hangs up on him. T again takes credit for breaking up the fight.

T's exaggerating works. Robyn kisses him. Chad brings up what Gabi did to Melanie. Glad someone remembered.

Gabi is asleep with the baby on the couch. Will walks in. Nick still has Gabi's picture. The Bernardi's accounts appear legit.

Timmy Bernardi's savings account didn't get looked into.

Abby wants to talk to Cameron, he leaves. Nick thinks Nabi can make things work. Will puts the baby down.

Vargas tells Theresa is the bitch he's complaining about. EJ tries to get the guy to fabricate evidence in Timmy's account.


  1. Something i don't get..why Ej doesn't blame Chad for Sami's situation ?! It doesn't make sense to me..Chad is indeed the one responsible for Sami being back in jail by filming her with Bernardi, not Stefano ! Granted Stefano doesn't help..above all because he doesn't want to go down himself and maybe he has the infamous knife but we are not even sure of that..On the other hand Chad by being silly and gossipy and Sonny by a big mistake (sending this video to his dear mother) are the one responsible ! I really don't like when Days write character's reactions who don't make sense in order to advance plots..lame.
    Ej is flirting with virgin Abby in order to hook her up with his little brother..weird.
    I like Hope and Vargas's interaction but i don't see how they could pair them up, at least they totally redeem him which would change totally his character and will make go away what makes him somewhat interesting, his edge, his bad side..I just don't see how ultimate good girl self-righteous Hope Horton/Brady could entertain a relationship with a guy like that..

    1. Good girl redeeming the bad boy is a major part of Days history. You can see that Vargas respects Hope. Hope did seem very disappointed with him.

      What Chad did was an accident. Maybe Sami shouldn't have been chasing and attacking Bernardi in public. Stefano was the one who paid Bernardi to attack Rafe. What he did was worse than Chad.

      I thought it was hot EJ flirting with Abby. It was nice to see that part of his personality again. He was just having fun.

    2. But like i said if she redeem him..where is the interest, the point ? He will be a 'good guy' paired with Hope Horton/Brady (at this point not so much Brady anymore of and then what ?! And Hope is not a character who flirt with the bad/dark side, she is actually the total opposite..She loves the 'hero', the 'good' guy and don't talk to me about Bo Brady bad boy image when he was younger, he was NEVER a bad guy, just a little bit rebel, impulsive, hothead but always fighting for the 'good' and then he became a the cop, on the same road as his big brother Roman..It is not Vargas at all and it is not what we enjoy in Vargas at all. Like i said i enjoy their scenes as they are now but a pairing..NO just no or either of these characters will not be the same characters. Vargas with Gina, why not Vargas with Hope nope.

      What Chad did was a silly and childish error..maybe an 'accident' if you want..but not so much, he chose to film and send this video, he chose to stalk Sami..what she did being right or wrong was not his business at all ! That being said i never said that Stefano was innocent in this mess either..but Chad is not blameless at all..Ej is too soft on him and that it is OTT and just major lazy plot writing imo.

      I know it is Ej's personality, JS like to play Ej flirting with everybody (he even did a lot with Will for a while) still here it is supposed to be his little brothers' crush, almost to me it is a bit too much.

    3. By the way where i live we have a law called 'right to the image'; people doesn't have the right to film you without your consent. So Sami could totally sue Chad for what he did, it is illegal..of course it is real life and these little characters live in the fictional town of Salem

    4. I meant OOC not OTT sorry concerning Ej's reaction toward Chad's stupid and nosy actions with this video.

    5. Hope and Vargas have chemistry. Bo's not coming back. Who else could she paired with? Her cousin's ex Daniel? Rafe? zzzzzzzzzz

      Sami was in public. There's no right to an image. It's not like Chad had it on youtube making a fortune out of it.

      You forget that Sami chose to perjure herself by saying she didn't know Bernardi prior to shooting him. That's what got in her trouble. She lied.

      Hey, EJ was warming up Abby for Chad. Obviously Abby needs help being warmed up. lol

    6. He maybe did not edit it on youtube, he still send it to people..and in real life it is not legal ! Sami could have a case and press charges. Anyway it is a moot point since Salem's rules are not from the same
      Ej if he was himself should be furious.

      I get there is nobody else for Hope, although character wise Rafe is a far better match for Hope (but i find Rafe boring so i don't know..) Maybe cast someone new or maybe a Hope/Rafe pairing would be surprising, who knows..lot's of people got to enjoy Rafe and Kate after all (yourself include it seems, no ?).. Vargas/Hope doesn't make any sense.

      If Abby was not so much self-righteous, she would not need to warm up..but it is her character..

    7. I do not agree that it is not legal to videotape someone doing something in public. That's why we have America's Funniest Home Videos. Most of them are in public.

      Kate made Rafe interesting. Without Kate, Rafe is a bore.

      Vargas and Hope have chemistry. Vargas spices her up.