Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday's "Message in a Bottle" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives seems like a rerun. Dannifer breaks up again.  Brady proposes to Kristen again.  Abby is dating Chad again.  Give me a break.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Dan volunteers to leave if Jenn wants him to. Theresa spends the money she got from The First Bank of Vargas.

Abby doesn't buy that Cameron doesn't have time for her. She has no reason to be mad at him. She's the one who has been stringing him along

Brady gets a call from his dad. Eric wants to know what God is trying to say with his sex dreams. Kristen is in the rectory.

Kristen asks if there's a problem. The forensic accountant shows up at the DiMansion to explain that Timmy is now 100k richer.

Sami wants to make a deal. Eric tells Kristen he was up all night. The accountant tells EJ that the $ can't be traced to him.

The accountant tells EJ that the FBI might be able to figure things out. Trask calls Stefano "a shark." Sami wants to turn on Stefano not EJ

Abby thinks Kayla knew Cameron was going to dump her. So Abby decides to dump Cameron. Roman visits Theresa at work.

Roman tells Theresa to grow up. Jenn picks Dan over JJ. No surprise there.

Brady tells John offscreen that he's back with Kristen. Nicole hugs Brady because John won't accept Bristen.

Thank goodness this Abby triangle appears to be over. At least her hair looks cute.

Jenn tells JJ to go to the library to write his paper. Oh no. Dan whips out Parker's birth certificate AGAIN. She hugs him.

Dan thinks he's been unfair to Jenn. Nicole tells Brady she still prays for him to see the light on Kristen.

Nicole says to herself that Kristen is a snake who sheds her skin. She decides to prove it. Sami tells Melinda she has nothing on Stefano

Theresa has lunch at the Square when she sees JJ. Tre wonders if there's a blog about her life. There is.

Theresa offers to get high with JJ. Nicole asks Brady to find out if Kristen is an "evil diabolical skank."

Kristen leaves. Eric tells a priest that he feels uncomfortable around her, but doesn't now why. EJ drinks at Club TBD.

EJ tells Chad he may have made things worse for Sami. Sami offers up EJ if she gets a better deal. 5 years in prison.

For the first time, Theresa actually gives JJ money for drugs. Dan says he'll support Jenn's parental decision making.

Roman turns down Nicole on spying on Kristen. He tells her that Brady has to figure it out on his own.

Father Matt asks Eric about his dream. Eric tells him about his sex dream without seeing the woman's face. He thinks God is telling him something

Brady brings "Hawaii" to Kristen. Sami wants immunity for Will. Melinda leaves. Sami cries while looking at pics of her kids.

Cameron goes to the club to check Chad's noggin. Turns out it is as empty as it was before Vargas punched him.

Dan dumps Jenn over JJ. Jenn thinks JJ needs more time. Dan tells her they need to live in reality. So how long will this break up last?

Father Matt thinks Eric's sex dream was because of his dead parishioner. Kristen finds a message in a bottle.

EJ shows up at the jail. Sami tells him that she offered her 5 years for Stefano.

Father Matt thinks Eric's sex dream was because of his dead parishioner. Kristen finds a message in a bottle.

Chad calls Abby and asks her out. She agrees. Dan puts Parker's birth certificate in a drawer with his Jenn picture.

JJ comes home. Jenn tells him that Dannifer is over. Father Whattawaste has another sex dream. Nicole knocks on his door.

Kristen's message in a bottle says, "Will you marry me?" Brady asks, "will you?"

Sami asks EJ to give her something on Stefano, or she'll give them something on him.

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  1. Nice Sami..very nice, he is the father of two of your children and the guy you did profess loving and wanting to marry..But you had no problem telling to your son Johnny you did not love him just in order to have St Rafe keeping his useless job as a cop..And you did let people (Nicole then Ej) blackmailing you and keeping two of your children from you in order to save St Rafe and Will from prison time..Ej on the other hand while he try everything to help you is fair game..he can go to jail ! Nice..really..this writing sucks big time ! And it again doesn't favor Sami's character at all..i am fed up.