Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday's "Man Eater" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives had some movement on Rafe's physical therapy, and Sami's bail hearing.  Funny how much better the show is without Dannifer.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Nicole is reading "Alice in Wonderland". She thinks the author was drinking when it was written.

Hot, shirtless guy tells Nicole she can't be there. Kristen realizes Aunt Flo is really late. Kate visits Rafe in the hospital.

Rafe asks Kate why she thinks Stefano didn't send Bernardi to kill him. Sami dreams the kids visit her in jail.

Justin asks EJ what he did and why at the DiMansion. Brady complains to Eric about Marlena being judgmental. They walk in on Kristen.

Justin asks about the tip to search Bernardi's house. Sami thanks a policeman for being fair to her. Roman saved his life.

Brady asks Kristen if she and Eric were getting along. He gets a call. Eric tells Kristen that he needs her.

The guy tells Nicole that they are honoring the 1st anniversary of the . Justin tells EJ to stop the nonsense.

Sami gets her bail hearing clothes. Rafe can't think of a reason why Bernarndi wanted to attack him. Justin wants EJ to go "by the book."

Nicole shows up at the Pub with Brady. They discuss the anniversary. Brady wonders what Madison would want him to do now.

Ejami and Justin at the bail hearing. Rate still arguing about Stefano's word. Justin mentions the attacks on Sami while in jail.

Brady tells Nicole that Madison was funny. Yeah, I don't remember that.

So Madison watched "Bridget Jones' Diary" during work meetings. Nicole compares Kristen to Madison. She thinks it's a downgrade.

Kristen and Eric meet a shy orphan. Eric leaves Kristen with the little girl. Kate proposes not talking about Stefano.

Rafe doesn't want to talk about physical therapy. Kate does get him to talk about Ari. Justin offers to turn in Ejami's passports.

The special prosecutor points out Ejami tried to flee the jurisdiction in the past. Justin has something in his folder.

Justin has emails from officers concerning Sami. Rafe talks about Sami's jury selection. Maxine comes in to get his bp.

First look at Jordan Ridgeway going through paperwork. Kate walks right past her. Kristen tells the girl she lost her family too.

The little girl is crying at Kristen's story. Kristen tells her things will get better. Hayley hugs her. Eric sees the hug.

Brady points out that Nicole and Kristen have a lot in common. Nicole calls Kristen "a man eater." Having Hall &Oates flashbacks.

Kristen jumps down Eric's throat when he mentions that he doesn't have any kids, but relates well to them.

Judge rules for a closed hearing, bail is denied. So says Dylan and Brenda Walsh's dad.

Kristen apologizes for snapping at Eric. Kristen must be pregnant, she's more schizo than usual.

Kristen leaves the rectory. Drinking game! Take a drink every time Brady says he has his eyes wide open about Kristen.

Maxine tells Rafe that PT sucks. Jordan is at the door. Justin receives the prosecution witness list includes Roman and Will.

Justin thinks it's odd that Marge is not on the list.

EJ interrupts Jordan in Rafe's hospital room. Kate visits Sami in jail. She wants to talk abut Stefano.

Nicole goes back to work. Eric praises Kristen. Nicole calls Kristen a snake. Nic prays for Brady and Eric to lose their Kristen blindness

I missed it. Someone spies Kristen in the pregnancy test aisle. Anyone see?


  1. It is Brendon and Brenda Walsh's dad ! Thankfully Dylan and Brenda were not siblings since they were the big love of the show (by the way Brenda and Dylan first time tv ship..and Kelly go to hell ! ha i just can't help was my ultimate first ship and i was just a little

  2. Thanks! I forgot Brandon's name.

    1. Your welcome, i was a big fangirl of 90210..yep i was very young..and Brenda Walsh was my favorite tv character.
      Fun fact : Bryan Dattilo aka Lucas on Dool almost played Brandon Walsh but finally the chemistry sibling was not here with Shannen Doherty/Brenda therefore Jason Priestley was chosen instead and rest is history.
      And before Ali Sweeney aka Sami on Dool came playing Samantha Gene she played the nerdy little sister of Jenny Carth (Kelly on 92010) on another prime time show, sadly this show last less than one season and Jenny came on 92010 playing Kelly (i could not stand Kelly the character but i did like the actress, i am not crazy stupid..) and Ali came playing Sami on Days several years later..ah Hollywood is a small world. lol

    2. I didn't know that.

      Also Josh Taylor played Dylan's dad. Jed Allan played Steve's dad.