Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday's "Krissy" #Days Live Tweets

Easily the Kristen/Nicole argument was the best part of today's episode of Days of our Lives.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are my live tweets:

Justin walks into Rafe's hospital room. Kate doesn't want Justin asking questions about Bernardi. Adrienne shows up at Kayla's.

Chad spies on Cabby. Abby leaves, the guys fight over her. Brady asks Eric what is wrong. Marlena has a nightmare about Kristen.

Rafe agrees to answer questions. Justin asks for help for Sami's defense. Eric tells Brady he's mad about him because of Nicole.

Kristen tells Nicole that she will be working on the scholarships. Nicole tells Kristen she won't ruin Eric too, Kris says it's too late.

Chad tells Cameron he did call a specialist. Kayla is arguing with Adrienne about her turning in the video. Kate tries to get rid of Justin

Justin gets Kate to leave. Rafe says Bernardi was a good guy. Eric thinks Nicole is upset over Brady. Marlena walks into the Pub.

Kristen says Nicole already ruined Eric's life. Kristen tells Nic to stay away from Brady.

Kayla tells Adrienne she does know understand her POV. Kate barges in to try to get Kayla to stop Justin from talking to Rafe.

Kayla does get Justin to leave. Adrienne and Justin are face to face. Eric tells Marlena that Brady has news for her then Eric leaves.

Kristen tells Nicole that she should be worried about her. Nicole calls Kristen, "Krissy." Krissy snaps her teeth at Nicole.

Justin and Adrienne leave the hospital together. Abby rejoins the boys, Chad leaves. Marlena asks Brady if it's about Kristen.

Marlena's not happy to hear about Bristen. Eric overhears Nic and Krissy talking about keeping an eye on each other.

The Doc tells Chad he needs an MRI. Cabby is eating salad in the park. Yawn. Justin tells Adrienne she didn't act like a partner.

Rafe's blood pressure is a little high. I like Kate's little green sweater. Kate gives Kayla a usb drive with PT resumes on it.

Marlena tells Brady that he has lost his mind. Kristen gives Nic work to do. Krissy leaves. Nicole is not a happy camper.

Awww nice tender scene with Rate. Rafe worries he might not be able to walk. Kayla arranges a PT named Jordan for Rafe.

Chad finished his MRI and is awaiting results. He has flashbacks of Chabby. Marlena tells Brady that Kristen will never change.

Marlena tells Brady to save himself while he still can, then leaves. Kristen decides not to destroy the sex tape.

Nicole tells Eric she hates Kristen. Eric thinks it's because Kristen is back with Brady.

It cracks me up that Nicole is concerned about Kristen working with kids.

Adrienne asks Justin if he's done w their conversation or their marriage. Cabby kiss. Brady calls Kristen. Marlena is at her door.

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