Friday, August 30, 2013

"The Bay" Shoots TV Pilot

We are very happy to hear that the online web series, "The Bay" has shot a pilot.  Good luck to Gregori!

Our Marianne with The Bay actor, Kristos Andrews.

Emmy-nominated THE BAY The Series films one hour TV pilot
Creator /Executive Producer Gregori J. Martin announces the return of the Emmy-nominated and Indie Soap Award-winning serial drama THE BAY The Series!  Martin reports the show recently wrapped production on a one-hour pilot and that Associated Television International (ATI) will be shopping the pilot to cable TV networks.
Viewers can expect sexier, edgier storylines when the story picks up three years in the future, but watching previous episodes isn't necessary in order to follow the plot.  Fan favorites returning include Mary Beth Evans (Sara Garrett), Tristan Rogers (Comm. Lex Martin), Kristos Andrews (Peter Garrett), Matthew Ashford (Steve Jensen), Lilly Melgar (Janice Ramos), Nicolas Coster (Jack Madison), Jackie Zeman (Sofia Madison), Camden Toy (Igor Chambers), Taylor Stanley (Zoey Johnson), Scott Bailey (Nathan Perkins), Derrell Whitt (Will Campbell), and more.  Joining the cast is Carlo Mendez, best known for his role as Juan on DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM.
Behind the scene additions include an impressive roster of daytime talent as, for the first time, the show used a multi-camera format.  Nadine Aronson of ALL MY CHILDREN served as supervising producer and Anthony Pascarelli of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL as a producer. Martha Madison and Jade Harlow will be added to the writing team when the series is picked up. Jonathan Reiner, a seasoned producer for multiple reality TV programs including SECRET MILLIONAIRE and THE BACHELORETTE, served as a consultant.  A special thanks is extended to daytime executive producers Julie Hanan Carruthers of ALL MY CHILDREN,  Wendy Riche of GENERAL HOSPITAL, and associate producer Josh O'Connell of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS for their continued support.  Those, in addition to others with extensive production experience, have taken the show to an impressive new level.

You can view pictures from the pilot here.


  1. Awesome ! So Mary-Beth Evans will be able to do two tv shows if it is pick up ? I know on Dool she doesn't do much but still she should be under contract as recurring, no ? I guess Dylan Bruce left the project, with his smash hit prime time show Orphan Black the guy is too busy now..i can't blame him, he just hit the jackpot with Orphan..(awesome show by the way, watch it !) now more and more mainstream quality projects for Lucky guy.
    Anyway i am glad most of the cast is coming back and i can't wait to watch it ! Very curious about what really happened between the MBE and MA's characters...

    1. Mary Beth is not on contract with Days as far as I know. She can do what she wants.

      I'm bummed that Dylan won't be back with The Bay. He's amazing eye candy. Glad he's on a popular show.

      Yeah, I'm dying to see what's next!

    2. So you think if it is pick up Mary-Beth will leave Dool ? These last months she is on the show quite a bit..i am surprised she is not under contract.

    3. For the lead role in a prime time soap opera? Hell yeah!

  2. I would add from the pictures Matt Ashford looks mighty fine, it is clear he plays the bad guy (maybe bad boy..)
    It is a shame his Dool character Jack Deveraux lost all his edge, bad boy's side all over the years..i bet it is fun for Matt to play again a more edgy guy..