Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday's "Worst Employee of the Year" #Days Live Tweets

I'm back doing live tweets.  Today's Days of our Lives episode was mostly Dannifer pimping.  You can follow me here on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Marge shows up to visit Sami in jail. EJustin at court with Kayla. Rafe dreams about his conversation with Marge. Nicole wakes him.

JJ asks Theresa who her date was. Jenn tells Brady he needs to figure out whether he should trust Kristen on his own.

Det. Mason Ventura tells Eric and Daniel that a mystery woman destroyed Eric's file. Kristen is eavesdropping in the bathroom.

Daniel goes to the bathroom door to try to talk the woman (Kristen) out of the bathroom.

Nicole tells Rafe he should be thankful to be rid of Sami. Sami thinks Marge is going to shoot her. Marge gives her Timmy's picture.

Marge asks Sami why she hated her husband so much. Kristen slips a note under the door saying she's "too embarrassed" to come out.

Kristen makes some loud noises in the bathroom. All 3 men rush to open the door thinking she's injured.

Sami tells Marge she didn't hate her husband, and she didn't know it was Joe she shot. Marge isn't buying it.

Marge wishes that Sami will never see her kids again then leaves. Rafe wants 2 talk 2 Sami. Nic complains how she ruined Eric's moment

Rafe tells Nicole that she cares about Eric. JJ tells Theresa to ask her boyfriend for drugs next time, and leaves.

Jenn tells Brady she doesn't want to lose Daniel, but JJ needs her. Daniel gets the door open...

Kristen climbed out of a 2nd story window. Daniel has the Salem brain. He figures the woman was there to destroy the evidence.

Eric tells Daniel and Mason that he remembers the "skittish" woman at the hotel. Jenn is not happy with Theresa.

Jenn calls Anne to come to Jenn's office. Jenn threatens to fire Theresa. Nicole denies being in love with Eric.

Nic tells Rafe about Eric's poisoning. Rafe offers to help with Eric's case. Eric describes the woman in the hotel.

Kristen shows up at the DiMansion. Brady knocks. Kristen claims to be jittery due to caffeine. He's not buying it.

Jenn tells Theresa that she should have worried about her job before winning the "worst employee of the year" award.

Theresa tells Jenn she's not very nice. Nicole is with Dan at the K-Mansion. He can't really talk about Eric's case with her.

Nicole wants to talk to Daniel about JJ. JJ shows up at school. JJ and a girl from school decide to hang out.

Sami tells EJ that Marge was there. They are waiting for the judge to hold a hearing on exhuming the body. Brady interrogates Kristen.

Brady thinks Kristen is meeting other men. Brady notices Kristen's bracelet is missing. She thinks it is at the rectory.

Theresa basically tells Jenn she needs to get laid. lol Anne walks in, Jenn walks out. Nic tells Dan not to let JJ get in his way.

Nic tells Daniel that JJ was holding something he didn't want her to see. JJ tells a fellow student that Bev isn't into him.

Jenn visits Rafe at the hospital. Rafe assumes Dannifer are still together. Nic tells Brady the bracelet is at the rectory.

Theresa calls Jenn "a miserable human being" to Anne. Anne tells Tre she's "just the assistant that Jennifer Horton needs."

Dan tells Nic that JJ shoplifted. Nic tells him to "take charge" in regards to Jenn. Marge gets a text, she's not happy.

EJ tells Sami that the SPD covered up Marge's visit.

Theresa calls JJ and offers to hang out. Jenn shows up at the K-Mansion. She kisses him. Bricole at the Pub. Nic wants a favor.

Kristen finds her bracelet on the rectory floor. Eric finds her crawling. Justin tells EJ they got the court order to exhume body.

Marge tells Justin that the exhumation will never happen.

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