Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday's "What Can Be Better Than Me?" #Days Live Tweets

Well, my computer decided to restart right before Days of our Lives today.  Then I got put in twitter jail.  So some of my live tweets are actually Facebook posts.  Then I got back on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

My computer decided to restart. Starting my live tweets late.

EJ blames Rafe for Sami being in jail. Rafe says he's ok with a female PT. JJ is at the K-Mansion with Daniel.

Jenn tells Nicole that the pregnancy test is hers. Vargas is in a suit getting a driver for a fight. Eric totally checks him out.

Jenn claims the pregnancy test is for a patient.

Rafe introduces Kate to Jordan as his "very good friend."

looks so hot in a suit, that even Father Eric was checking him out.

Eric asks where he got the money. Jordan leaves. Kate tells Rafe that she is a feminist. He teases her about Jordan being female.

Kate asks Rafe why EJ was in the room. EJ tells Sami her feelings for Rafe got her in jail. Dan says he's on to JJ.

Daniel tells JJ if he hurts Jenn, that he'll answer to Dan. Jenn tells Nicole that the pregnancy test is none of her business.

Kristen at the DiMansion, Harold walks in. The kids are missing Sami. Kristen tells Harold to take them swimming.

Vargas tells Eric he made money from a tip. Eric's disappointed that it wasn't from a job.

 Kate finishes Rafe's sentence that she's act like his mother. Theresa bashes Jenn to JJ. He tells her not to bash his mom. ‪#‎Days‬

 Nicole tells Daniel that Jenn may be pregnant. ‪#‎Days‬

 EJ tells Sami he did visit Rafe. He tells her that he wanted Rafe to testify against Bernardi. Sami tells EJ that EJ asked Rafe to lie. EJ brings up that Rafe had no problem lying about being Nicole's baby daddy. ‪#‎Days‬

 Kate tells Rafe that he is the strongest man she knows. ‪#‎Days‬

 Daniel tells Nicole that he has to go. Funny how Nicole thinks Daniel has the right to know, when she didn't think EJ had the same right. ‪#‎Days‬

 Jenn tells Kristen that she thinks Nicole will keep quiet. Kristen pours herself a drink before taking the pregnancy test. Sydney gets a hold of it while Kristen leaves the room. ‪#‎days‬
Sydney has her doll playing on the pregnancy test. Kristen snaps at her. Kristen calls herself "a big fat meanie." Sydney wants her mom. ‪#‎Days‬
 Caroline drops off some chowder for Sami. EJ excuses himself and leaves. Sami says, "sometimes life just sucks." Caroline says, "in spades." ‪#‎days‬
 Rafe begins his PT with Jordan. ‪#‎Days‬
 Vargas tells Eric, "don't let bastards like me get you down" after admitting he hasn't changed. ‪#‎Days‬
 JJ tells Theresa about it being his father's death's anniversary. JJ blows her off. ‪#‎Days‬
 Daniel asks Jenn if she's pregnant. Jenn says, "I'm an adult. I know how to keep myself from getting pregnant." Unlike the 99% of women in Salem. ‪#‎Days‬
 Daniel tries to leave when Jenn says she's not pregnant. She tries to stop him. ‪#‎Days‬
 Kate tells EJ not to bother Rafe. EJ says he won't bother him. ‪#‎Days‬
 Ewww Jordan is pushing Rafe's bare foot. Gross. ‪#‎Days‬
 Vargas bumps into Theresa. Vargas says it may be his lucky day. Theresa says it may be his lucky night. ‪#‎Days‬
 Eric tells Nicole that he failed with Vargas. Eric is super agitated. Eric asks Nicole to drop scholarship info to Kristen. Nicole refuses. Eric will do it himself. ‪#‎Days‬
I'm out of twitter jail!

Vargas checks out Theresa as she bends over. Theresa gives him her cell. Vargas asks, "what can be better than me?" Good question.

Jenn promises it won't be too much longer before they can be together. Dannifer start kissing.

Caroline tells Sami to testify like she's talking to her kids, because Sami never lies to her kids. lol

EJ threatens Kate if Sami gets convicted. Rafe asks Jordan if he'll walk again. Nicole flashes back to Kristen with the test.

Nicole thinks Kristen could only be pregnant with divine intervention. Kristen walks downstairs with the test. Eric is at the door.

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