Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday's "Deaf, Dumb, and Blind" #Days Live Tweets


Not much happened on Days of our Lives today.  Dannifer fought again.  Everyone discusses their subpoenas.  The only new thing was Will and Gabi fighting.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Sonny tells Will he got served with a subpoena to testify against Sami. Kristen shows up to visit Sami.

Nick tells Maggie about his parole being over, over the phone. Dan declares his love for Jenn again, they kiss JJ sees them.

JJ tells Jenn she "sure as hell isn't his mother." EJ wants Kristen to leave. Sami says she's glad Kristen is there.

Wilson agree to meet at the Club with Justin. Sonny tells Gabi to miss class because of this meeting.

JJ calls Jenn "a slut." Daniel grabs his shirt about ready to pummel JJ.

Sami wants EJ to leave with Kristen so she can talk to Justin alone. Adrienne talks to Roman at the Pub. He's not happy with her.

Gabi tries to get Sonny to take the baby. Sonny leaves Gabi with the baby. EJ/Kristen back at the DiMansion.

Kristen jokes that EJ should add prison orange to Sami's outfit in the portrait. JJ leaves. Jenn yells at Daniel.

Daniel tells Jenn she is not handling a damn thing.

Nick tells Will he's off parole. Will asks Nick if he's done anything wrong since he's been out of prison.

Nick tries to be nice to Wilson, but they pretty much blow him off. Dan calls Jenn "deaf, dumb, and blind" about JJ.

Jenn storms out of Dan's. Gabi arranges getting notes for her missed class. Nick shows up. Nick offers to babysit so Gabi can go to class.

Kristen accuses EJ of "stacking the deck' in Sami's favor. Sami wants a better deal from Melinda.

JJ plans to party with Rory after finals. Jenn shows up at their house. Looks like Dan gets a birth certificate in the mail.

Roman walks away from Adrienne. Nick tells Gabi that he's a free man. Nick teaches Gabi calculus. Kristen tells EJ that Bristen is back.

Sami thinks EJ could escape jail time if she turns him in. Justin tells Sami that Ejami could both be in prison if EJ can't deliver Stefano

Roman shows up to visit Sami while Justin bails on her. The baby is up. Dan keeps dialing Jenn. JJ apologizes for calling Jenn a slut.

Jenn denies lying to JJ. JJ leaves to take his final. Jenn wants him back when the test is over.

Sonny didn't invite Adrienne to the opening. Sonny wants her to leave. Justin asks to talk to the boys alone.

Adrienne leaves the club crying. Jenn answers Dan's call. Jen asks Dan why he's making everything about him.

Justin tells Wilson to tell the truth and get another attorney. Adrienne comes back. JJ sells some of his stash.

Kristen walks in on Dan hanging up on Jenn. Kristen assumes the call was about her. Will walks in on Nick with the baby.

Will takes the baby from Nick. Nick tells Gabi to call him anytime, and leaves. Will asks, "what the hell was that?"

Roman tells Sami that he loves her, then leaves. Justin tells Sami that he doesn't think she'll get a better offer. EJ comes with her shoes.

Sonny tells Adrienne about their subpoenas. Sami looks at pics of the kids. Time for Sami's jury selection. She hugs EJ.

Will tells Gabi that Nick is the last person he wants in their place. Will says Nick didn't pay for the crimes against him.

Gabi tells Will that Nick said he was sorry. And that Wilson need to remember that Air is her baby too.

Dan asks Kristen what she meant by keeping it a secret. Dan won't let her leave without telling him what secret she meant.

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