Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday's "Alice in Wonderland" #Days Live Tweets

Today's the first episode of the upstanding ladies of Salem eating pot laced doughnuts at Jenn's house on Days of our Lives.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Adrienne shows up at Jenn's for the book club. Theresa scalps the symphony tickets. If Dannifer keep breaking up, Tre can make a fortune.

Julie! She meets Hope at the Pub. Hope gets a call from Bo. EJ gives some dude 50k. Sami complains about the food in jail.

Sami gets a threatening napkin in jail.

Daniel asks Theresa about the tickets. Theo and Abe at Salem High with Marge and Timmy. EJ is using the $ to frame Bernardi.

Sami forces herself to throw up dinner.

Abe tells Marge he lost his spouse too. Marge asks Abe to protect Joe's good name. Sami lies and says she was choking.

Theresa pulls the "my cousin is in jail" card on Daniel. He asks if she will take a walk with him. Kayla calls her 2 go 2 her office.

Theresa turns down Daniel while Kayla is yelling at her on the phone. Adrienne discusses her man problems with Jenn Jenn.

Jenn brags to Adrienne on how well JJ is doing. Nicole tells JJ that she knows he was busted for shoplifting.

Nicole really needs to slap JJ.

Bo tells Hope he'll be going undercover. Julie likes the vino. Jenn makes the doughnuts, JJ offers to make the rest.

Nicole talks to Daniel about JJ. She calls him "a little tool." Nic wants Dan to tell Jenn that JJ is conning her. He refuses.

Nicole tells Dan that Jenn invited her 2 book club. Nic says she'll talk 2 Jenn about JJ. Sami shows EJ the napkin w the threat on it.

Kayla explains that Theresa moved to Salem to avoid jail time in CA for a drug bust. Dan teases Nic for not reading the book.

JJ packs up his fun doughnuts. Adrienne picks one up. EJ shows the note to Abe. Abe takes the note. EJ stays w Sami.

Kayla wants Theresa to write a letter to Jenn promising to work harder. EJ screens a call in front of Sami.

Abe got the mayor to agree to outside for Sami. Hopefully for Sami, it's not the chowder from the Brady Pub.

Jenn meets Bev. Jenn introduces her to the book club. Bev tells them she and JJ love Hemingway. Julie wants Hemingway for next book club.

Adrienne switches JJ's doughnuts for Jenn's because Jenn's are nicer looking. JJ takes them. Boy is he going to be disappointed.

I think we all know way too much about Jamie Lee Curtis' digestive problems.

Hope tells Jenn about Bo going undercover. Hopefully he's not undercover as a mime again. I'm still having nightmares.

Theresa finds a new supplier. Kayla shows up at the book club, and gives Jenn Theresa's note. Nicole shows up with wine.

JJ gives Rory the doughnuts. Daniel jogs by JJ's group. Hope has to leave due to work. Jenn agrees to give Theresa another chance.

Everyone is laughing at Nicole's jokes. Even Nicole thinks it's weird. lol

Marge calls Abe about the police searching her house. Abe and Hope leave. Daniel fantasizes about Jenn.

Bev and Rory ask where the pot is in the doughnuts. Jenn reads a summary of "Alice in Wonderland." Adrienne passes out the doughnuts.

The ladies toast to Alice.

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  1. Ok First what Nicole is doing at Jennifer Horton's meeting for a book club with Jennifer, Hope, Julie Horton and Adrienne Kiriakis ?!!! WTF ! Next Stefano will be their new guest..seriously is ridiculous and awkward..secondly Nicole should mind HER DAMN BUSINESS ! JJ's shenanigans is not her problem, Jen and Dan's lovers angst either..she is really the last person who should meddle with is far worse than Maggie's involvment and at least Maggie's make some sense..Nicole's it is outrageously ridiculous.
    Adrienne should stop whining, she is not the one in jail ! Therefore SHUT THE FUCK UP Adrienne. The Doughnuts switch could not have been more contrived..Adrienne wants to give to JJ and his friends some 'better looking' doughnuts..whatever..
    This episode was just ok and above all totally full of OOC, WTF moments, and not in a good way imho just in a weird, awkward way.