Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday's "A Shyster with a Posh Accent" #Days tweets

How we've missed Victor Kiriakis!  Great Vic quips today.  Victor tries to talk some sense into Brady and Justin.  I'm really disappointed that Days of our Lives is going the brain tumor route with Chad when we just went through a brain tumor storyline with Lexie just 14 months ago.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

EJ with Will and the baby. Sami's doing crunches in jail. Sonny meet with her. Justin wonders if Adrienne wants the marriage over.

Chabby kissing at the park. Brady thinks about calling John to tell him about Bristen. Victor overhears him, and bashes him.

Marlena tells Kristen she won't get away with hooking Brady. Brady tells Vic he knows what he is doing. Victor tells Brady he used to be him

Kristen hints to Marlena that she did something to Eric.

Justin just yelled at Adrienne. Chad's results are conclusive, but of course they won't tell us what the conclusion is.

Victor asks what Bristen do out of bed. Brady can't really name anything. Kristen tells Marlena about the scholarship program.

Kristen tells Marlena that everything has to do with Marlena. Kristen gloats about the end of Jarlena.

Chad got the news, but we didn't hear it. Will says he used to think EJ perusing what he wants as a "pain in the ass" now he likes it.

Sami tells Sonny not to throw away his mum. Judi Evans is on fire. She's really letting Justin have it.

Chad sees the Cabby make out session. Vjic tells Brady that he needs a woman who will be in the trenches with him.

Kristen tells Marlena that John "doesn't want anything to with a tired, worn out loser..." then Marlena chokes her. lol

Sonny talks to his mom who has obviously been crying. Chad sends a text to Cameron to meet him at the Pub.

Abby says she'll make up her mind soon. Abby texts Chad saying they need to talk. Sami says she wants to jump EJ's bones.

EJ shows Sami the clip of Will and Ari. Kristen tells Marlena she's "sort of in bed with all the men in her life." Then Brady breaks it up.

Justin shows up at the K-Mansion. Victor asks, "how's tricks?" Victor says Adrienne "is the man in the Kiriakis family". lol

Adrienne breaks down to Sonny that she thinks she's going to lose Justin. Abby asks if Will has ever been into 2 ppl equally?

Chad tells Cameron "that you really suck." Brady accuses Kristen of pushing Marlena's buttons.

Cameron asks Chad about his doctor's visit. Victor calls EJ "a shyster with a posh accent." Sonny makes up with Adrienne.

Marlena shows up at the jail. Sami asks if she's ok. Brady tells Kristen to "turn the other cheek" around Marlena.

Kristen tells Brady to stop giving her flack or leave. Instead he starts to make out with her.

Sonny comes home. Chad has a brain tumor. He tells Cameron to not tell anyone.

Victor tells Justin that sometimes he asks for too much. EJ tells some dude that he will prove Bernardi was crooked.

Kristen is having Eric flashbacks while having sex with Brady on the Dimera desk.

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  1. They maybe give some great one-liners to John Aniston but Victor is a BIG FAT HYPOCRITE. Since when he praise Stefano Dimera ? The guy who tried to kill his sons and was at war with numerous times..whatever..the old Victor seems more bitter and jealous that Ej succeed (for now of course) to take Stefano..something vicky dreams to do and never did. Bitter..bitter ah and uber hypocritical. He should kiss Justin's feets right now instead of lecturing him.
    But i agree with you about the Chad's exit story : lame lame and relame. They already did this story just one year ago with a far more important and Dimera character : Lexie.
    They should have made Chad darker, more Dimera and he could have left Salem after doing a very BAD thing and coming back later as a recast. I still think this character should be recast easily. And we need more than one or two Dimera on the canvas.
    Judi Evans is great and i am glad she has more screentime than ever since a decades but Adrienne is just wrong and whiny. By talking with her son and husband about this freaking video first and then hidding this video she would have 'protected' (like she so want to do..) her beloved son as much as going to the police and putting in danger EVERYBODY ELSE. Adrienne i get you wanted to protect your precious son (although you had ulterior morives too) but it was not the good way to do it AT ALL. She deserves everything she gets and so much more right now.
    Abby is such a little.... she strings along these two guys like they are some sex toys (yes she is still a virgin but her make out sessions are everywhere..) and the worse : they let her..moreover all three characters are boring. Ugh.
    All in all it was a great episode and i had to expose the outrageous hypocrisy of some.