Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's "Meanest Person on the Planet" #Days Live Tweets

I missed a few moments of Days of our Lives today because people in my house refuse to be quiet.  It was another Dannifer episode, so yes, by all means, skip today's episode.  Anne shouldn't be ripping on Jenn in front of JJ.  But JJ shouldn't be calling her a bitch either.  If a 17 year old twit said that to me, I'd knock him out.  I'm confused why Hope is doing more of an intervention on Theresa instead of an official questioning as a witness to the fight Vargas was in.  Theresa should have been giving her a statement.  Whatever.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Maxine tells Daniel he has to do a photo shoot. JJ reads about the fight. Will tells him Theresa was there. JJ asks if Tre was involved.

Hope grabs Theresa to talk to her at work. Jordan tells Rafe he won't be going to the rehab room.

Kate tells EJ she doesn't like being threatened. EJ backs up his threat. The special prosecutor has a deal for Sami.

Jenn tries to get out of working during Dan's photo shoot. Anne overhears and bashes her for not doing her job.

Jordan wants Rafe to do his PT in bed. I'm interested in what type of punishment EJ will dole out to Kate if Sami's convicted. ;)

The special prosecutor offers Sami a 10 year sentence.

Dan comes to Jenn's rescue when Anne tries to get her to do her job. Hope gets Theresa a coffee at the Pub.

Hope tells Theresa to stop lying. Rafe and Jordan start PT. This is really not interesting.

JJ tells Anne that Jenn works like crazy. Anne rips on him shoplifting. JJ calls her "a nasty bitch." She better not take that from him.

Did the photographer really need Jenn there while he's taking pics of Dan and Parker? Jenn tells Parker that she missed him.

Abe walks into Rafe's room. Rafe asks Abe if Sami stands a chance. The special prosecutor wants Sami to turn on Stefano.

Anne tells JJ not to talk to her like that. JJ tells Maxine that Anne is "the meanest person on the planet."

JJ calls Jenn. He warns her that he told off Anne. Dan hears Jenn about her location. Hope tells Theresa that Vargas blamed her.   (Dan heard Jenn lie to JJ about where she was.)

Theresa denies starting the fight and using drugs. Abe tells Rafe that they can't find any ties between Bernardi and Stefano.

Rafe tells Kate he wants to find a way to help Sami. The forensic accountant tells EJ he planted the money in Timmy's account.

Melinda tells Sami to give her EJ, then she'll get Stefano via EJ.

Daniel reads the article about him. Will shows up to see Rafe with a baby pic. Rafe wants to know what happened the day Sami shot Bernardi.

Melinda asks Sami to think over her offer. Justin tells Sami that it is the only offer she's going to get.

Dan reads what Maxine wrote about him. Then he reads one from "anonymous." "Anonymous" sounds a lot like Jenn.

A nurse tells Maxine that Dannifer is over. Yeah she actually said "Dannifer." JJ overhears. Maxine says Dan loves Jenn.

JJ hears Maxine say that Jenn is at Daniel's for a photo shoot. The photographer leaves. Theresa was arrested in LA 6 times.

Hope tells Theresa that her trouble is starting all over again. Hope wants her to go to rehab. Tre leaves to go to work.

Jordan shows up for more PT. Justin is seemingly advising Sami to take the deal. EJ shows up.

EJ tells Sami he has a good feeling. Sami lets it slip that "if" she goes to trial. EJ catches the slip.

Rafe, Kate, and Will all get subpoenaed against Sami. Jenn wrote as anonymous so JJ wouldn't figure out it was her.

Dan wants to take Jenn to the event as his date. He wants the world to know he loves her. She agrees. Jenn sees JJ watching them.

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