Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday's #Days Live Tweets "Merit Badge in Terrorizing People"

I was pleasantly surprised to see spoilers of Days of our Lives planning a memorial for Jack Deveraux.  I should have known there was no onscreen memorial, just constant Dannifer pimping.  Ugh.  Follow me on twitter if you dare.  Here are today's live tweets: 

I have PMS. With everyone tweeting about today being a Dannifer episode, I might not be able to control the PMS. You've be warned.

Daniel looks at his tablet with Madison and Jack's picture on it. Cutie pie Parker is playing on the floor. He does look like Daniel.

  1. So we don't get to see the memorial service? JJ's tie is way too small. EJ wants to talk to Rafe alone. EJ wants to bury the hatchet.

    Kate visits Sami in jail. Kate wants to talk about Stefano. Nicole is folding paper, she asks Eric when Kristen will be gone.

    Nicole tells Eric that Kristen has a "merit badge in terrorizing people." Eric says Kristen is distracted.

    Brady asks Kristen what she's doing at the pharmacy. Doesn't she have minions to pick up pregnancy tests for her? That's what I would do.

    Daniel tells Maggie that he thinks Parker misses Jenn. Maggie pushes Daniel to do more than text Jenn. *rolls eyes*

    Nicole tells Eric that Kristen looks preoccupied when she's planning on kidnapping and torturing someone.

    Brady tells Kristen that she's lying to him. She says she'll tell the truth.

    Kristen and Brady are now at the Square. Kristen brings up Madison. Brady's beard is pretty thick.

    Maggie basically tells Daniel that butting into his life is her job. Her big hair is distracting me.

    Adrienne and Sonny were at the memorial offscreen. Jenn wants JJ to go home with them. Abby tells Jenn she may testify.

    Kate tells Sami she's going to help her. EJ wants Rafe to help figure out why Bernardi was in his room.

    Nicole asks Daniel why he's at the hospital instead of at the memorial. Dan asks her why she's so concerned about Jenn. Yeah why?

    Why does everyone think that it's appropriate for Dan to be with his ex on her husband's memorial day? That's so wrong.

    Brady doesn't want to talk about Madison. Good. None of us want to listen about boring Madison either.

    Brady leaves after promising no lies. Kate says to Sami, "I need you now to so not be like you." Kate asks if they were wrong about Stefano

    Kate tells Sami she thinks Stefano is being truthful. EJ wants Rafe to look at past cases with Bernardi. Rafe found nothing.

    EJ wants Rafe's help planting evidence on Bernardi.

    EJ says the DiMeras are not hypocrites. lmfao Rafe won't plant evidence. Kate tells Sami they have to figure out Stefano's game.

    Marlena hangs up on Eric after he tells her he's working with Kristen. Eric doesn't want to hear about Bristen from Maggie.

    Jenn bumps into Kristen and knocks her pregnancy test out of the grocery bag. I hate when that happens.

    Rafe tells EJ that the cops aren't as stupid as he thinks they are. That's the funniest thing Rafe has said in months.

    Thank you EJ for calling Rafe "sanctimonious." Yes!

    Kate wants to reenact the crime scene. Kate asks why a razor. Sami remembers Bernardi was holding the sheet.

    Kate and Sami figure out that Bernardi was going to shave off Rafe's pubes. Just kidding.

    Abby tells JJ to support Jenn. Nicole threatens to put JJ in his place. Dan figures out Nic is mad about something else.

    Kristen grabs the pregnancy test and leaves. Jenn follows her. Jenn figures out that Brady is not the father. She's better than Maury.

    Kate doesn't think anyone will believe their theory. Sami wants Kate to leave. EJ rips on Rafe's intelligence and ego. Bravo.

    Why is Maggie bothering Eric? Leave him the hell alone. Kristen tells Jenn she did have an affair.

    Kristen tells Jenn that Brady will dump her for lying about being celibate. Brady is at the KiMansion with Daniel and upside down Parker.

    Jenn thinks Brady would understand about Kristen's pregnancy. No, but Daniel and Rafe would both step up to be the father.

    JJ tells Rory they are back in business. So JJ decides the anniversary of Jack's death is a good day to decide to go back to drug dealing.

    Kate is back at Rafe's hospital room. Jordan announces she's Rafe's PT. Sami tells EJ that Stefano wanted it chopped off.

    EJ tells Sami he wishes Bernardi finished the job. Brady says there is a difference between secrecy and privacy.

    I think God would understand if Eric told Maggie to STFU.

    Eric tells Maggie that there is something about Kristen he can't put a finger on. Well maybe he should try using all his fingers.

    Jenn leaves Kristen. Nicole walks up on Kristen holding the pharmacy bag.


  1. First, why Jack's memorial is being wasted by Jennifer/Daniel angst ?!..For pete's sake one day about Jack and not Daniel would not have been such hard to these writers..ugh..Poor Jack.
    Secondly Marlena should be the one having a conversation ON SCREEN with HER SON not Maggie ! Maybe it is her job to meddle in Daniel's life, business but certainly NOT in Eric's..ugh bis.
    Otherwise it was not a bad episode, Kate/Sami scene particularly was good and for once Rafe was called out for his sanctimonious shit, refreshing !
    p.s: good one about Daniel and Rafe being the fake father of Kristen's potential

    1. I have no idea why Marlena isn't more of a part of Eric and Sami's lives. The Maggie/Eric scene made no sense at all.

      Since Rafe was in a coma, I guess Daniel is the fake father by default. lol