Saturday, August 31, 2013

#Days Video Promo for September 3rd

Here is the Days of our Lives video promo for the week of September 3rd:


  1. I love Days and am disappointed Eileen Davidson decided to take time off...That said, why does Days keep trying to make "Rafe" happen? The character is boring and engenders little audience sympathy; that character desparately needs a mysterious backstory...

    He is painted as too noble and has no real historical connection to Salem...Perhaps introducing a former diabolical lover or some kind of romantic anatogonist for him who has a connection to one of the Salem core families would do the trick for this character...

  2. Rafe & Daniel are made to be saints. How lacking in integrity to lie about Nicole's baby being EJ. Nicole should be apologetic to EJ.

  3. when will Gabby have to face jail. What she did to Melanie was a crime. Sick of everyone
    putting Sami & EJ down. They are saints compared to some of the Res. of Salem.

    1. I love Ej and Sami but they are no saints, actually i like them because they are flawed. And i like that people around them called them out on their past, their rocky relationship, their past crimes ect..It make them far more bearable than the others who are praised non stop and never called out whereas their actions are not really better..