Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#Days Book Club Clips!

In case you are like me, and wanted to re-watch the Days of our Lives Book Club clips from today's episode, here it is:


  1. Ok my two scents : like i already said, i did not find this Doughnuts pot madness really funny. There were some very funny moments but some others kind of awkward and boring imho.
    MBE and Susan Hayes killed it however, they were the two stars of these scenes.. Mary beth just nailed it as the woman stoned. Susan was more in a drunk state but still pretty funny for the most part. Eat me..lol.
    Jennifer was funny when she did interact with the cop, although once again it was more as a little drunk than stoned, otherwise she did try too hard at first with many forced facial expressions and perkiness meh.. Adrienne tried too hard, i did not buy it at all. I get what they wanted to do with Nicole : the paranoid, insecure one when he/she get stoned (people who can make 'bad trip' pot is not for them..ha)..Yep it is pretty realistic still the acting was weak imo here..She seems more like the usual Nicole than anything else, except when she was kind of nice to the other ladies and pretty transparent at the beginning. Me thinks some of these actresses never got stoned which is weird in California, at Hollywood..But Mary Beth Evans certainly made this experience..she was awesome ! She totally reminded me of some great memories.., she just nailed it lol.
    p.s: some prime time shows are really better at this..

  2. If the show could be this entertaining every dqy it would be must see! I thought all the actresses nailed it as it was really way out of their usual comfort zone. Don't forget...the ladies were drinking wine AND directly ingesting weed which I am sure was a first for all these characters with the possible exception of Nicole. There is no predictable pattern to how they would act. They were hilarious and I wish it had gone on longer and they could have even explored more character moments. Even JJ's reactions were priceless as he was alternately horrified/amused by what happened as any pothead would be. I loved these scenes!