Saturday, August 31, 2013

#Days Video Promo for September 3rd

Here is the Days of our Lives video promo for the week of September 3rd:

Friday, August 30, 2013

#Days Spoiler Pics for September 3rd

Here are the Days of our Lives spoiler pics for the week of September 3rd.  You can view them here.

"The Bay" Shoots TV Pilot

We are very happy to hear that the online web series, "The Bay" has shot a pilot.  Good luck to Gregori!

Our Marianne with The Bay actor, Kristos Andrews.

Emmy-nominated THE BAY The Series films one hour TV pilot
Creator /Executive Producer Gregori J. Martin announces the return of the Emmy-nominated and Indie Soap Award-winning serial drama THE BAY The Series!  Martin reports the show recently wrapped production on a one-hour pilot and that Associated Television International (ATI) will be shopping the pilot to cable TV networks.
Viewers can expect sexier, edgier storylines when the story picks up three years in the future, but watching previous episodes isn't necessary in order to follow the plot.  Fan favorites returning include Mary Beth Evans (Sara Garrett), Tristan Rogers (Comm. Lex Martin), Kristos Andrews (Peter Garrett), Matthew Ashford (Steve Jensen), Lilly Melgar (Janice Ramos), Nicolas Coster (Jack Madison), Jackie Zeman (Sofia Madison), Camden Toy (Igor Chambers), Taylor Stanley (Zoey Johnson), Scott Bailey (Nathan Perkins), Derrell Whitt (Will Campbell), and more.  Joining the cast is Carlo Mendez, best known for his role as Juan on DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM.
Behind the scene additions include an impressive roster of daytime talent as, for the first time, the show used a multi-camera format.  Nadine Aronson of ALL MY CHILDREN served as supervising producer and Anthony Pascarelli of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL as a producer. Martha Madison and Jade Harlow will be added to the writing team when the series is picked up. Jonathan Reiner, a seasoned producer for multiple reality TV programs including SECRET MILLIONAIRE and THE BACHELORETTE, served as a consultant.  A special thanks is extended to daytime executive producers Julie Hanan Carruthers of ALL MY CHILDREN,  Wendy Riche of GENERAL HOSPITAL, and associate producer Josh O'Connell of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS for their continued support.  Those, in addition to others with extensive production experience, have taken the show to an impressive new level.

You can view pictures from the pilot here.

Thaao Penghlis Clip From New Movie Set

Former Days of our Lives actor, Thaao Penghlis is filming a new movie called, "Redeemed."  The reference to "Haman" is from Thaao's previous role in a movie with Jen Lilley called, "The Book of Esther."  Here's some behind the scenes footage:

Ratings! #Days Improves

Days of our Lives had the biggest gain in viewership since the previous week, but still remains in fourth place.  You can read the ratings for the week of August 19th at SON.

Charles Shaughnessy Limited Return to #Days

Finally!  The news all of us old school Days of our Lives fans have been waiting for.  Charles Shaughnessy will return for a limited run in November as Shane Donovan.  This time, Days better have Charles in scenes with Patsy Pease and not with Galen Gering!  Credit goes to Jason47.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday's "Message in a Bottle" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives seems like a rerun. Dannifer breaks up again.  Brady proposes to Kristen again.  Abby is dating Chad again.  Give me a break.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Dan volunteers to leave if Jenn wants him to. Theresa spends the money she got from The First Bank of Vargas.

Abby doesn't buy that Cameron doesn't have time for her. She has no reason to be mad at him. She's the one who has been stringing him along

Brady gets a call from his dad. Eric wants to know what God is trying to say with his sex dreams. Kristen is in the rectory.

Kristen asks if there's a problem. The forensic accountant shows up at the DiMansion to explain that Timmy is now 100k richer.

Sami wants to make a deal. Eric tells Kristen he was up all night. The accountant tells EJ that the $ can't be traced to him.

The accountant tells EJ that the FBI might be able to figure things out. Trask calls Stefano "a shark." Sami wants to turn on Stefano not EJ

Abby thinks Kayla knew Cameron was going to dump her. So Abby decides to dump Cameron. Roman visits Theresa at work.

Roman tells Theresa to grow up. Jenn picks Dan over JJ. No surprise there.

Brady tells John offscreen that he's back with Kristen. Nicole hugs Brady because John won't accept Bristen.

Thank goodness this Abby triangle appears to be over. At least her hair looks cute.

Jenn tells JJ to go to the library to write his paper. Oh no. Dan whips out Parker's birth certificate AGAIN. She hugs him.

Dan thinks he's been unfair to Jenn. Nicole tells Brady she still prays for him to see the light on Kristen.

Nicole says to herself that Kristen is a snake who sheds her skin. She decides to prove it. Sami tells Melinda she has nothing on Stefano

Theresa has lunch at the Square when she sees JJ. Tre wonders if there's a blog about her life. There is.

Theresa offers to get high with JJ. Nicole asks Brady to find out if Kristen is an "evil diabolical skank."

Kristen leaves. Eric tells a priest that he feels uncomfortable around her, but doesn't now why. EJ drinks at Club TBD.

EJ tells Chad he may have made things worse for Sami. Sami offers up EJ if she gets a better deal. 5 years in prison.

For the first time, Theresa actually gives JJ money for drugs. Dan says he'll support Jenn's parental decision making.

Roman turns down Nicole on spying on Kristen. He tells her that Brady has to figure it out on his own.

Father Matt asks Eric about his dream. Eric tells him about his sex dream without seeing the woman's face. He thinks God is telling him something

Brady brings "Hawaii" to Kristen. Sami wants immunity for Will. Melinda leaves. Sami cries while looking at pics of her kids.

Cameron goes to the club to check Chad's noggin. Turns out it is as empty as it was before Vargas punched him.

Dan dumps Jenn over JJ. Jenn thinks JJ needs more time. Dan tells her they need to live in reality. So how long will this break up last?

Father Matt thinks Eric's sex dream was because of his dead parishioner. Kristen finds a message in a bottle.

EJ shows up at the jail. Sami tells him that she offered her 5 years for Stefano.

Father Matt thinks Eric's sex dream was because of his dead parishioner. Kristen finds a message in a bottle.

Chad calls Abby and asks her out. She agrees. Dan puts Parker's birth certificate in a drawer with his Jenn picture.

JJ comes home. Jenn tells him that Dannifer is over. Father Whattawaste has another sex dream. Nicole knocks on his door.

Kristen's message in a bottle says, "Will you marry me?" Brady asks, "will you?"

Sami asks EJ to give her something on Stefano, or she'll give them something on him.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Farrah Abraham to Play a Hooker on #Days

In a desperate attempt for publicity, Days of our Lives hired Teen Mom and porn star Farrah Abraham to play a hooker named Destiny on the show according to Radaronline.  What a great message to send to young women!  Become a teen mom, get on MTV, do porn, then get an acting role on Days.  Days and NBC should be ashamed of themselves.  I'm hoping they come to their senses and drop Farrah as soon as possible. Pathetic.

Ex #Days Actress Cast on "Hart of Dixie"

Days of our Lives original Marie Horton, Maree Cheatham has been cast on Hart of Dixie. You can read the news on E!Online. 

You can also catch Maree on Nickelodeon's Sam and Cat.

Wednesday's Signs from God #Days Live Tweets

Since Eric and Daniel are seeing signs from God about their lives, I take it that God did not want me to watch Days of our Lives today because the show got interrupted three times in three different ways.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are my very short live tweets:

I saw a half a second of today, now to Lester Holt.

30 minutes later...

I think Brady asked Kristen to go to Hawaii with him. She turns him down. Dan tells Eric that no matter what he does, JJ wins.

Eric tells Dan to ask God for perspective. JJ comes home. Jenn wants to talk about their relationship. Abe with Sami in jail.

EJ and Justin at the DiMansion, Justin tells EJ not to undermine him. EJ denies it. Justin thinks EJ wants Sami to be found guilty.

Figures so bad that G4 shows at the same time NBC shows . Could have watched Nikki/Paolo's death > Dannifer.

Jenn tells JJ that she loves Dan. So Jenn tells JJ that she wants to talk about Jenn/JJ, and instead talks about loving Dan.

Dan shows Parker's birth certificate to Eric. Dan takes it as a sign. Dan tells Eric that he looks like hell.

Daniel tells Eric that he's ignoring something. Kristen says she has to stay in Salem for the scholarships.

Abby chases Cameron. She wants to know why he's avoiding her. Justin thinks EJ's judgment is clouded.

Now, is interrupted by a thunderstorm warning in an area no where near me. *sigh*

5 minutes later...

Chad eavesdrops on Cabby. Abby tells Cameron it feels like he's giving her to Chad. I guess she's mad he's not fighting for her.

JJ wants to stop acting like he's close to Jenn. Oh great, Dan shows up. JJ asks Jenn which of them she wants to talk to.

Nicole runs into Brady at the Square. He guesses correctly that she left the rectory because Kristen was there.

Nicole tells Brady that Eric isn't himself. Eric calls for help interpreting his rape dream. He thinks God is speaking to him in dreams.

Melinda and Edward Klein visit Sami in jail. She's recording it too. I just lost my signal. Good grief!

Former #Days Actor Eric Winter TV Appearances

Former Days of our Lives actor, Eric Winter (Rex Brady) recently appeared on an episode of Rizzoli & Isles.  Also, he will be appearing on "The Witches of East End" according to Soap Opera Digest.  You can read his interview with SOD here.

#Days Chandler Massey Talks to TV Guide About Exit

Days of our Lives actor, Chandler Massey (Will Horton) talks to TV Guide about his abrupt exit from Days on August 23rd. You can read the full article here.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sean Douglas Clip

Missing Sean Douglas?  This summer Days of our Lives actor, Sean Douglas (Vargas) filmed a clip titled, "You Can't Handle the Truther."  You can watch the clip below:

#Days Actress Camila Banus to Exit Show

Days of our Lives actress, Camila Banus (Gabi Hernandez Fallon) tweeted today during her Days twitter-fest that she will be exiting Days next year.

when's ur last day on days? Ur leaving right?

Tuesday's "One Heartbroken Mess of a Man" #Days Live Tweets

Another typical Dannifer episode, but Nicole and Eric's conversation was the best part of Days of our Lives today.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Eric and Nicole with a parishioner near death. Gabi and Will fighting over Nick. Sonny tries to get Gabi to quiet down.

Brady shows up at Jenn's for some Dannifer pimping. Dan asks Kristen what secret she was talking about.

Gabi asks Wilson what happened to them all being in it together? Dying woman tells Nicole she looks like her sister, Stacy.

Jenn tells Brady what happened with JJ and Dan. Jenn says she gave in for a second and lost both guys. Kristen stops Dan from calling Brady.

Nicole talks about her sister to the dying woman. Eric tells her to let go. She passes. Eric prays for her.

Will tells Sonny that Nick was holding the baby. Will reminds her what Nick did to Wilson. Nick tells Maggie he moved out on his own.

Nick and Maggie talk about Vargas' arrest. Nick says, "it could have been me." Dan tells Kristen he's having "a messed up day."

Kristen agrees to tell Daniel everything so he won't call Brady. I have no idea why Dan is taking his anger about Jenn on Kristen.

Stacy arrives. Eric tells her that her sister died in peace. Nicole is upset about how young the woman was.

Nick tells Maggie he wants to get back what he lost. Gabi tells the boys that Nick did those things because he was in prison.

Wilson tell Gabi that being in prison isn't an excuse for Nick. Eric thanks Nicole 4 being there. Nic tells Eric he deserves some happiness

Kristen tells Dan that Brady is her "salvation." She lies about her secret. Brady tells Jenn to give it another shot with Dan.

Brady tells Jenn that Bristen is going to be honest with each other. Jenn looks shocked. Kristen tells Dan to call Jenn.

Gabi feels outnumbered. Eric basically says his happiness is God's will. Gabi leaves because she feels her life fell apart.

Kristen spies Parker's birth certificate. Jenn reminds Brady he once thought Kristen was hiding something. Brady asks what Kristen is hiding

Kristen formally announces she's on Team Dannifer. Eric tells about a priest who died in front of him in the Congo.

Jenn doesn't tell Brady about Kristen sleeping with someone else. Brady gets a call. Kristen shows up at Jenn's.

Maggie brings Parker back to Dan's. Sonny tells Will they have to bend a little for Gabi. Will wonders how long it can work out.

Nick sees Gabi studying at the Square. Nick helps her with math. Nick asks if she regrets sleeping with him.

Dan reads Parker's birth certificate to him. He wants to skype with Melanie. Maggie starts crying over this birth certificate. *rolls eyes*

Maggie tells Dan she wants him to raise Parker with Jenn. Jenn fills Kristen in on what happened with Dan and JJ.

Kristen tells Jenn that Dan is "one heartbroken mess of a man." Nicole apologizes to Eric for ever doubting his choice to be a priest.

Kristen says JJ needs to man up. Brady overhears Kristen and Jenn. Kristen tells Jenn that Dan got great news today.

Kristen tells Jenn that Brady is the best thing that ever happened to her.

Oh, the dying woman's name was Elizabeth. Nicole wants Eric to sleep. Sonny tells Will he's willing to do anything to make it work.

Nick tells Gabi that being with her is like a dream. She leaves for class without responding. Jenn goes upstairs.

Brady kisses Kristen. Dan walks into the rectory. He wants to see Eric. Father Whattawaste is sleeping shirtless.

Eric has a dream about what Kristen did to him.

#Days Actress Camila Banus Live Tweeting Today

Days of our Lives actress, Camila Banus (Gabi Hernandez Fallon) will be live tweeting during Days today at 1 pm est. You can tweet to Camila here.

Monday, August 26, 2013

#Days "Better Living" Book Tour!

Here is the official schedule for the "Better Living" book tour. 

New York City—9/23/2013 Book signing at Barnes & Noble on 5th Ave at 12pm
New Jersey—9/23/2013 Book signing at Books and Greetings (Northvale) at 6 pm
Raleigh, NC—9/23/2013 Book signing at The Regulator (Durham) at 7 pm
St. Louis—9/23/2013 Book signing at Barnes & Noble Des Peres at 7pm
Boston—9/25/2013 Book signing at Barnes & Noble Framingham at 7pm
Greenville, SC—9/25/2013 Book signing at Books a Million at 7pm
Minneapolis—9/25/2013 Book signing at Barnes & Noble, Mall of America at 6pm
Nashville—9/27/2013 Book signing at Books a Million at 12pm
Birmingham—9/27/2013 Book signing at Books a Million at 6pm
Chicago—9/27/2013 Book signing at Barnes & Noble at Westfield Old Orchard (Skokie) at 7pm
Chicago—9/28/2013 Book signing at Anderson’s Bookshop at Naperville at 2pm

Cast members participating in the tour include: Kristian Alfonso, Deidre Hall, Lauren Koslow, James Scott, Greg Vaughan, Galen Gering, Kate Mansi, Camila Banus, Freddie Smith, Bryan Dattilo, Shawn Christian, Ari Zucker, Blake Berris, Bill and Susan Hayes, Melissa Reeves, and Suzanne Rogers.