Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday's "Sleep With The Lights On" #Days tweets

EJustin hit a stumbling block on removing Stefano.  Kristen threatens Brady and his family.  Jenn tells Daniel that JJ is her #1 priority.  Jen Lilley makes her debut on Days of our Lives today.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are my live tweets:

Kristen realizes Eric is looking for a clip on her tablet. She tells Eric to stop. Apparently Mr. Shin is flip flopping.

Will eavesdrops on Sonny and Brent. Roman is at Jenn's. JJ walks down the stairs. Brady asks Dan what happened to Eric.

Sami asks Kristen what did she not want Eric to see on her tablet. Roman excuses himself and leaves. JJ thinks Roman hates him.

Jenn tells JJ he's lucky the store owner didn't press charges. Brady says he was not in love with Kristen. Dan doesn't buy it.

Kristen tells Sami they should forget privacy and share a tablet. Eric asks why she has a video file with his name on it. Uh oh.

Brent has tickets for him and Sonny. Will's phone buzzes. Sonny says no to the event. Kristen claims the video is about another Eric.

Brady looks amazing in that tight blue shirt. Dan brings up that Brady was going to run away w Nicole. Brady says he's not using Nic.

EJ asks Kristen alone what is on the tablet. Kristen is horrified she has the same pass code as Sami. Ejami want Eric to feel welcome.

Jenn tells JJ what he is not allowed to do. She wants to talk about Daniel.

Daniel tells JJ that Dan is painting himself as the victim. JJ tells her he told Dan he won't let Dan turn Jenn against him.

Justin leaves the coffee shop, runs into Will. Will thanks him. Justin tells him parenthood gets easier.

Sonny sang the baby asleep. Sonny says she fell asleep in self defense. lol Sonny admits he has it bad for Will.

EJ receives a text from Justin that has bad news. Kristen changes her code, and gives the tablet to a computer geek.

Kristen decides to go shopping. Eric prays at the hospital. Dan wants him to do more blood tests. Eric thinks he knows what happened.

Brent leaves, Justin arrives. Sonny thanks Justin for representing Sami. Justin tells Sonny he saw Will at the coffee house.

Ejami see Will outside the Pub. Sami invites herself over Will's. Jenn tells JJ that no one tells her what to think.

JJ accuses Jenn of favoring Abby. JJ tells Jenn that her priority is Daniel. He's right. She leaves. JJ leaves too.

Eric tells Daniel that medicine can't explain everything. Kristen runs into Brady.

Brady tells Kristen to wait. Roman visits Eric. Roman spills coffee on Eric's desk.

Brent is still bugging Sonny via text about the July 4th rave. Must be tight blue shirt day. Sonny's sporting one too.

Sonny doesn't like Brent looking down on him. Justin tells him raising a kid is an adventure. Brady wants 2 know y Kris visited Eric.

Kristen has a question for Brady. JJ joins Rory and the girl. Jenn of course shows up at Daniel's. She wants to make things right.

Justin is holding the baby. Ejami and Will show up. Ari doesn't like Aerosmith according to Sonny. Justin leaves.

EJ meets with Justin out in the hallway. EJ thinks Stefano got to Mr. Shin. Jenn says she's listening to JJ's truth about Daniel.

Rory and Bev leave. A girl walks up to JJ and asks if it is really that good referring to pot.

Kristen asks Brady why he hung up on her. He said he was wasting his time. She doesn't want him to say he's sorry. He's not.

Kristen tells Brady he will be sorry, soon enough.

Justin tells EJ to "sleep with the lights on, and both eyes wide open." Jenn tells Dan that JJ must come first. She wants a break.

Daniel tells Jenn that breaking up with him won't fix her son. Brady asks Kristen if she's threatening him. Eric starts to remember.


  1. The Ej and Justin story could be totally great if it would really happen ON SCREEN. If we would see Stefano and other players on the story (Dimera siblings: Kristen, Chad, the board, stockbroking, stockholders) even involve Nick and Vargas in the story with their business (whatever that was..) instead of Vargas being mia or Nick and his lame endless scenes with Gaby about their boring and fake relationship. Lighting up, make it exiting with lot's of schemes, cunterschemes, twists and turns and you have a great umbrella story. You can also involve further the Brady with Sami discovering what Ej is doing, the Kiriakis and Titan with Justin involved i said a full-blown business storyline..which would be refreshing for Days (they almost never do that) and much more sophisticated than the usual baby-switch, rapes, triangles, back from the death we see ad nauseam imo. But alas all happen off screen with a Stefano (who should be a major player) totally anywhere and just few and far between little scenes between Ej and Justin about doing something to someone with the help of somebody off screen..what a waste. Instead we have to suffer a virginity story about a twenty something Abby Deveraux and her dilemma about two dull guys..great.

    1. And my bad they don't 'almost' never do that : they NEVER do that.