Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday's "Spent Money Like a Kardashian" #Days tweets

Funny how great Days of our Lives is without the Dannifer never ending angst.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Ciara praises Eric about getting the school approved. Kristen watches the rape tape. Gabi wonders where Wilson is.

Nick gives Vargas his business plan. Nick introduces Vargas to Kate. Vargas tells Kate that he and Nick were ex cellmates. lol

Sami waits to hear from the grand jury. Sami beats the rap. Wow. That almost never happens with grand juries. Marge isn't happy.

Will tells Sonny & Adrienne that Sami wasn't indicted. Victor congratulates Eric with Nicole there. A nun offers to give Ciara a tour.

Eric tells Vic that Nic did some arm twisting 4 the school. Victor tells Nicole, "arm twisting eh? Wasn't that your major in college?"

Marge threatens Sami. A cop offers to drive her home. Vargas leaves. Nick has something for Kate. Gabi texts the boys. She needs to leave

Wilson leave Adrienne who is shocked that Sami got off. Eric finds out from Justin about Sami. Sami feels bad for Bernardi's family.

Nick hands Kate a flash drive with info for a new product. She asks if Vargas raped him too. Nick said Vargas saved him.

Damn. I can't believe Kate threw Nick's prison rapes in his face. That's low.

Eric tells Vic and Nic about Sami's acquittal. Eric leaves. Vic asks Nic what is going on. Ejami back at the DiMansion.

Sami sends her dad a message. Kristen fake congratulates Sami. Kristen says it's a shame that Sami "doesn't swing that way." lol

Kate apologizes to Nick. Nick leaves. Adrienne goes up to Marge. Marge says Justin defended Sami. Adrienne says she's sorry.

Marge asks Adrienne if she's really sorry. Marge leaves. Gabi left Wilson with the baby. Will thanks Sonny for helping w the baby.

Will leaves Sonny with the baby to go get food. Vic tells Nic when she headed Titan that she "spent money like a Kardashian."

Victor tells Nicole she hasn't changed. She disagrees. Vargas eavesdrops. EJ tells Sami that she has compassion for Marge.

Eric shows up at the DiMansion. Kristen asks why he's there.

Brent shows up at Sonny. Brent asks Sonny if he's insane. Kate tells Will that she misses taking care of a baby.

Kate tells Will that Rafe is going to be taken out of his coma today. Will tells Kate that Sami got off.

Adrienne tells Justin at the K-Mansion that she feels sorry for Marge. Nabi meet. Nick wants to talk about the future.

Nicole sees Vargas. Victor thanks Vargas for helping find Jensen. Vic tells Vargas to stay away from Nic.

Vic leaves. Vargas tells Nic to not let Vic talk to her like that. Nic asks where he's been. He says he's planning on leaving.

Eric hugs Sami. Kristen goes upstairs. EJ congratulates Eric on the school's accreditation. EJ leaves.

Kristen calls someone to edit the rape tape footage. She realizes her tablet is downstairs. Sami grabs a tablet to show Eric.

Nick tells Gabi that they shouldn't be married. Brent asks Sonny if it bothers him that Ari isn't his. Doesn't bother him, it's Will's baby

Brent can't believe the baby and Gabi are living with Wilson. Justin and Adrienne kiss. Vargas tells Nic his ship has come in.

Vargas tells Nic she needs to deal with her love for Eric. Eric starts scrolling through the tablet.

Nick wants an annulment. Gabi doesn't seem so sure. She agrees to the annulment. They hug. The baby is so cute.

Will eavesdrops on Sonny and Brent. Vargas warns Nicole that Eric won't break his vows for her. Sami and Kristen had each other's tablet.

Eric opens up a video on Kristen's tablet.

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