Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday's "I Love You So Damn Much" #Days tweets

This Dannifer/JJ storyline is really killing Days of our Lives.  Bernardi gets a better funeral than Jack Deveraux and Tony DiMera.  Lovely. Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

JJ breaks up Dannifer kissing. Justin shows up at the DiMansion. He tells EJ there's a snag on his plan to get Stefano.

Hope finds Roman drinking early at the Pub. He's not doing well. Chabby watch Mrs. Bernardi and Sami talk.

JJ tells Jenn he thought she wanted to talk to him alone, then shuts the door on Dannifer.

Justin tells EJ that Mr. Shin on the DiMera Board changed his mind on getting rid of Stefano.

Marge is not happy that Sami is trashing her husband's memory. Sami refuses to back down from her story.

Roman is disappointed with himself for not knowing Bernardi was corrupt. Abe is the one behind the memorial. Roman keeps drinking.

Dan leaves. JJ tells Jenn he gets why she hates him so much. EJ finishes talking to Mr. Shin. Marge tells Sami that her son idolizes his dad

Hope breaks up Marge/Sami. Marge tells Sami that she will pay for murdering her husband. Hope tells Sami that Roman is at the Pub.

Sami goes to Roman who hugs her. Roman tells her "I love you so damn much." He knows it is not her fault. She cries.

Abby thinks Mrs. Bernardi should know the truth.Chad tells her that Stefano is behind all of it.JJ tells Jenn that Dan called him a criminal

JJ tells Jenn he shoplifted because of Dan. Maggie shows up at Dan's. Dan tells her there's something wrong and he keeps making it worse.

EJustin meet the special prosecutor. She's beaten Justin in the past. Justin says they are 1-1. Sami tells EJustin about Marge.

Sami goes into the grand jury room. Dan tells Maggie about JJ's arrest. JJ claims that Jenn thinks he's a total loser & that's why he stole

Abe eulogizes Bernardi. Abe lists his citations and awards. Sami testifies. Bernardi is getting a better funeral than Tony DiMera.

Sami is asked why she felt she could only shoot Bernardi. Sami claims the shooting was not personal. Sami denies knowing Bernardi.

Daniel tells Maggie not to gossip about JJ. Good luck on that.

Jenn tells JJ that he has 2 apologize 2 the store owner. She tells him 2 go to class. Mrs. Bernardi tells Sami she deserves to rot in prison

Abby tells Chad that she was judgmental toward Chad for being a DiMera. She brings up Jack's dad being abusive.

Abby tells Chad that he isn't like his father like Jack wasn't like his. They hold hands.

Jenn tells Maggie that she needs to learn to raise JJ on her own. Maggie leaves. JJ tells Dan to stop trying to turn Jenn against him.

Jenn texts Daniel to stop discussing her problems with others. The Grand Jury has made a decision.


  1. I loved this episode. The court scenes were great and to mix that with the funeral's victim make great storytelling. For once they give layers to the two parties : the victim and the culprit. It give a somewhat nuanced vibe to the story which is rare in daytime and even more on Days (soap really expert in black/white simplistic storytelling usually)..i am impressed by that. Moreover they don't whitewash the Brady's habitude of nepotism with police refreshing..i like that..far more realistic and complex story that usual thanks to that imo.
    I don't mind the JJ/Jen/Dan makes the Jen and Dan characters bearable compare to the other silly and one-note stories with pathetic soap vixens Nicole or Chloe schemes against them. JJ is a little bitch who somewhat uses his father's death to mess with his mother's new relationship but at least it is realistic and allow to take a bit off their pedestal 'perfect' Jennifer and Daniel. We also see sometimes some vulnerability from JJ can somewhat understand his grief and wild all over the place rebel teenage attitude deep down therefore this story is kind of good to me.

    1. I'm glad that the victim's family is featured. It's a nice change.

      I don't see any vulnerability with JJ. He seems totally one note to me. He's never sorry. He never feels guilt. He's causing more airtime for a losing couple that most fans hate.

  2. I love JJ, and while I am by no means a fan of the Daniel-Jen pairing, JJ's arrival is brilliant because he is the catalyst that makes that Dan-Jen story interesting. Too, having witnessed a friend behave as bad as the character, JJ is written to behave after the loss of a parent, I, for one, say Bravo to the writers. The writers clearly have captured exactly the anger and rebelliousness some children exhibit after the loss of a parent.