Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Michael Fairman's Ken Corday interview

Michael Fairman interviewed Days of our Lives Executive Producer Ken Corday.  You can read the interview here.


  1. We don't want Ej as Stefano bis Ken Corday !
    We want a grey, conflicted leading man.
    And Sami is not Kay Corleone, she is not innocent and naive like Kay could be. She should accept Ej's dark side (not too bad a la Cartoonish big bad villain Stefano Dimera i die and come back from the death for the millionth time) and they should scheme and team together, having angst from their rich and rocky, volatile story.
    If they have once again Ej doing an awful thing keeping it from Sami and finally Sami beint the last knowing it and dump him for it..i will scream ! Finally i thought they got it right but no..Ej can be grey and complex not one-note villain.
    Chandler Massey is great as Will but he is recastable, and Sonny can have his own stories with or without Will.
    I am not happy with this interview (as usual with although i enjoy this show for once after years of awful and boring stories..but i am not sure about the future..sigh.

    1. I tend not to like Corday's interviews either. Sami as Kay Corleone is a ridiculous comparison. I don't remember Kay shooting people.