Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday's "A Horton Going to Work on a Holiday" #Days tweets

It was nice to see a good amount of the cast interacting at a picnic today on Days of our Lives.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Abby visits the baby. She tells Gabi that meeting with Chad wasn't a big deal. Abby asks Gabi if she told Cameron that she was w Chad.

Cameron, Theo, T, and Chad at the lake. Wilson prepare a picnic basket. Will says maybe Sonny shouldn't come.

JJ thinks about his fight with his mom. Jenn is thinking of Daniel and Parker. Adrienne drops by. Jenn says they are not going to her picnic

Will doesn't want Sonny to feel tied down. Gabi tells Abby that she didn't tell Cameron. Abby says Cameron is less patient than Chad.

Gabi asks Abby to go to the lake. Abby apologizes for not asking about Nabi. Gabi says they are over.

Jenn gives JJ the option to go to the picnic or stay home. He decides to go. Gabi tells Abby about the annulment. Wilson show up.

In less than 9 months, Nick and Gabi met, got married, and now looking for an annulment. Yikes.

Justin and Adrienne at the lake. Adrienne is wearing the worst mom pants ever. Wilson, Gabi, and Abby are there too.

Gabi tells Sonny that he and Ari have a special bond. Jenn and JJ show up. Abby taunts JJ for being there while grounded.

Theo wants to play with Cameron and Chad. Ari is wearing the cutest 4th of July outfit. JJ holds her.

Jenn tells Adrienne that she was right to bring JJ to the picnic. Jenn needs to leave for work. She tells JJ to stay put.

Adrienne tells JJ when she saw him with the baby, it reminded her of Jack. She tells him that Jack wouldn't want Jenn to be alone.

T is holding the baby. Brent shows up at the picnic. Abby tries to find JJ, but finds Theo, Chad and Cameron instead.

Sonny tells Gabi that Brent plays for the other team. T says that doesn't stop her. He taps Will on the cheek and runs. lol

Anne takes a picture of "a Horton coming to work on a holiday." lol JJ is back at the square with Rory and Bev. Bev is interested in JJ.

Rory and Bev leave. Theresa throws bang snaps at JJ. Justin tells Gabi that he's handling the annulment for Nabi.

Brent keeps nagging Sonny on the rave. Chad and Theo chase the ice cream man. Cameron tells Abby that she looks beautiful.

Abby leaves to be with Gabi and the baby. Theo takes Cameron to get some ice cream.

I think Justin just slipped something down Adrienne's top. Brent tells Will that he's just friends with Sonny.

Jenn says she thinks Anne is suffering from early dementia. Anne throws JJ's troubles in Jenn's face.

Theresa taunts JJ about being grounded. I don't get why a girl her age would be interested in a kid in high school.

Adrienne tells Wilson she's glad Sami didn't get indicted. Justin tells Abby that JJ left.

Theresa tells JJ she'll take him seriously if she gets his pot.

Anne leaves Jenn. Theresa leaves JJ. Chad hit his head while log rolling. Adrienne's phone has the Sami/Bernardi clip on it.

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  1. This Abby triangle is so boring..otherwise not a bad episode..and so Jen Lilley/Theresa is supposed to be a young cougar ?! lol I don't mind her (and i like the actress) right now but they try too hard with the flirty sexy scenes between JJ/Theresa imo.
    I also like the Bev actress, she is pretty in a refreshing way for a soap, a little tomboy/pixie rare in soap land. And the T actor could totally be Will Horton, he has the same spark as Alison Sweeney, could totally play her son (same eyes, little fire in the eyes).