Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday's "Natasha" tweets

I was very disappointed with Abby letting EJ, Chad, and Sonny talk her out of doing what is right on Days of our Lives today.  Also we had Kristen doing her best Natasha impersonation from "Rocky and Bullwinkle."  Follow me on twitter to see my live tweets daily at 3 pm est.  Here are the tweets:

Abby asks EJ if Bernardi's family deserves to know the truth. Eric visits Sami in jail. She tells him she remembered something important.

JJ visits Cameron at the hospital while Cam's going through samples. EJ tells Abby that Mrs. Bernardi knows the truth.

Abby agrees to keep quiet about the tape. She leaves. EJ starts spitting and stammering at Chad. Sonny leaves to get the baby.

Sonny calls Chad. Sami tells Eric she remembered it was a razor. Kristen plans on doing something to Eric.

JJ fakes a cough to distract Cameron. Adrienne tells Justin why she wants Wilson to split up. Will holds his daughter.

Eric reminds Sami of her less than stellar legal track record. Eric asks why it was her first instinct to shoot. GOOD QUESTION.

Abby walks in on JJ and Cameron. She runs out. Cameron follows her leaving a known druggie alone with drugs. Another doctor walks in.

Adrienne talks to Will with the baby. Sonny tells Chad he sent the video to him. Good thing the NSA hasn't seen it yet!

EJ tells Kristen that everything is under control. He tells her that Stefano is "old and losing his step" when he asks where he is.

EJ kinows Kristen is up to something, but she won't spill.

Adrienne asks Will 2 break up w Sonny. Sonny tells Chad that Justin needs to know about the video. JJ follows Cabby out in the hall.

Cameron knows something is up with Abby, she leaves. Justin discusses Sami's case with her. Justin thinks the razor is "personal".

lmfao JJ stole laxatives and antibiotics. And the street value would be......................................................0.

Adrienne tells Will that he will eventually "destroy" her son.

Sonny tells Abby to keep quiet on the video. Abby needs to act like her investigative reporter parents on this one.

Will denies he'll destroy Sonny. Will tells Adrienne she'll be the one out of Sonny's life. She thinks Will will break Sonny's heart.

Sami tells Justin that she told the police everything. Justin says she had no motive to kill Bernardi.

Chad brings up that Jenn/Nicole's public fighting last year led to Jenn's arrest when Nicole fell down the stairs, she was innocent.

Chad tells Abby that the video could harm Sami like Jenn fighting with Nicole publicly hurt Jenn, and lead to her arrest.

Eric checks into his hotel room. Kristen in disguise tries to get room 201.

JJ isn't happy he got cialis? He did find a valuable drug. Adrienne tells Will he's is as destructive as Sami. Now, that's an insult.

Abby backs down again about the video. Chad and Sonny both delete the video from their phones. Justin tells Sami to zip it in court.

EJ calls Chad and tells him to delete the video everywhere. Kristen sounds like Natasha from "Rocky and Bullwinkle."

Eric walks up behind Kristen at the hotel room lobby.

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