Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday's "manicure him to death" tweets

Pretty good episode of Days of our Lives today with Sami seeing how her shooting Bernardi affected his family.  Abe actually made a joke.  Follow me on twitter. Days in my area Thursday and Friday will air at 1:30 pm est.  I will be live tweeting during that time.  Here are today's live tweets:

Marlena tells Kristen to get off Salem and don't come back. John tells Brady he did the right thing dumping Kristen.

Brady asks John if it benefits him that he dumped Kristen. Kate finds out Bernardi is a cop. Sami describes the knife to Hope and Abe.

Sami can't believe Hope and Abe think she killed an innocent man. EJ says Sami is his client, and she will stay silent.

Abe tells Sami that they did not find the knife. Hope and Abe leave. Sami tells EJ that Bernardi was on Stefano's payroll, it was a hit.

Kristen tells Marlena that she's afraid if Kristen stays in town, that John and Kristen will reunite. Brady confronts John about the texts.

Brady wants John to swear that he doesn't want Kristen.

John doesn't answer Brady. Brady says John is just like Kristen. He says they deserve each other. True.

Kristen tells Marlena that it is funny that neither of them want John. Marlena doesn't think it is funny. I do.

Marlena tells Kristen that Kristen lost her chance at love forever.

Sonny tells Will that there are cops in the hospital. Will wonders how the Nabi break up affects the baby.

Bernardi's wife shows up with their son. Kayla talks to her. EJ defends Stefano. EJ wants to know why Sami was there in the first place.

Abe and Hope look for the knife. Kate tells Wilson what happened. EJ tells Sami things will get worse if Bernardi squeals.

EJ tells Sami to stay there. Marlena tells Kristen that she has no regrets. Marlena leaves. Kristen starts beating up her purse.

John sees Kristen outside the pub.

Kristen tells John that he likes Marlena because she always forgives him. He says it's worth it for Brady to hate Kristen.

John tells Kristen that she's only happy when she's hurting people. Marlena wants to talk to Brady at the Ki-Mansion.

Kate tells Will she gave Sami the gun. EJ tells Hope to search the air vent in Rafe's hospital room. She sees something.

Sami bonds with Mrs. Bernardi not knowing it's her. Roman shows up at the hospital. Roman doesn't know that Sami is the shooter.

Kate asks Will what he thinks of Gabi and the baby moving in with her. Brady tells Marlena he owes her an apology.

Kristen tells John that she doesn't care if he lives or dies. She says, "I'm free."

Will wants to talk to Sonny privately about Kate taking in Gabi and the baby. Sonny has an idea.

Abe says, "obviously Bernardi was planning on manicuring Rafe to death." lmfao

I missed it, but I'm assuming EJ found a fingernail file or something in the vent. (It was toenail clippers.)

Sami tells Mrs. Bernardi that she's a grandma. Sami asks about her husband.

Brady deletes a photo of Bristen off his phone.Kristen takes her engagement ring off. Kristen deletes a contact on her phone but not Marlena

Sonny is getting a bigger place, he wants Gabi and the baby to move in. Kayla says Bernardi died after surgery.

Roman tells Mrs. Bernardi that he's passed. Sami's horrified watching her cry. Great job by the actress playing Mrs. Bernardi.

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