Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday's "Mama Bear" tweets

We had some cute Lucas/Ari scenes today on Days of our Lives.  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Eric has nightmares about his rape. Wait until he figures out it was Kristen. Chad calls Abby while Cameron and Theo overhears.

Theo hugs Chad. Adrienne bitches to Jenn about Justin taking Sami's case. Wilson with the baby, Lucas shows up to see his g-baby.

Brady asks Nicole what happened to Eric. Kristen is not happy with Dr. Chyka.

Why couldn't Kristen get a normal date rape drug? Eric tells Daniel he remembers.

Nicole tells Brady that Daniel thinks Eric was poisoned.
Cameron asks Chad what kind of game is he playing with Abby. Chad totally fesses up. Adrienne trashes Will to Jenn.

Jenn asks Adrienne what reason would Sami have to shoot Bernardi. Lucas tells Wilson that there's the real reason why Sami shot him.

The Dr assures Kristen that Eric will never remember what happened to him. She threatens him if Eric remembers.

Eric starts freaking out about the school meeting. It was rescheduled. Eric says something went very wrong. Kristen says it went well.

Nicole's a wreck. Brady isn't interested in a trip with Nicole.

Lucas asks how the baby is being fed??? Gabi is pumping, in case anyone wanted to know.

Adrienne asks Jenn wouldn't she be upset if Abby was dating someone who was nothing but trouble? Good point. Jenn trashed Chad yesterday.

Chad tells Cameron nothing happened with Abby last night. Brady wants to put Bricole on hold. Kristen won't leave Salem.

Daniel says the tests show nothing wrong. Eric can't remember how he was poisoned, if he was. Eric retraces his steps.

Adrienne calls Jenn "Mama Bear" that sounds more like Adrienne.

Kristen gets an update on Eric from the church. She finds the key ring Brady gave her. Brady confesses to Nic that he called Kristen.

Kristen throws the key ring away. Brady won't run away from his problems. Bricole is downgraded from "friends w benefits" to just friends

Eric says the next thing he remembers after the shower was having the chills and Nicole being there. Dan wants Eric to rest.

Abby tells Jenn that she will make her own decisions on who to date. Jenn agrees. Adrienne sees Wilson eating ice cream.

Eric is on the phone and getting dressed. Brady talks to him. Eric asks him why was Nicole in his hotel room.

Kristen is at the hospital. Nicole sneaks up on her. lol

Nicole asks Kristen why she was looking at a list. Dan asks to talk to Nicole alone. Wilson walk away from Adrienne.

I swear, Adrienne shot Will a look my MIL has given to me from time to time.

Abby tells Chad that there's a problem that needs to be solved. Dan says there's no marks on Eric. How is that possible?

Chad tells Gabi he'll back off if she wants to be with Cameron. Adrienne leaves a message for Sonny. She tears up.

Today's eppy of shows why needs more airtime. She's amazing.

Will tells Sonny that Adrienne does have a point on how dramatic his family is. Dan tells Nicole that Eric is pretty much recovered.

Brady tells Dan that Eric doesn't remember anything. Kristen looks at Eric.

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