Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday's "cut it off" tweets

Lots of jealousy going on with the DiMera men today on Days of our Lives.  Follow me on twitter.   No Days Thursday and Friday.

Stefano wants Bernardi to "cut it off". By "it' we all think it's Rafe's moneymaker.

Adrienne drops by Jenn's. Abby shows up at Daniel's to baby sit while Dan and JJ have a show down. Nick shows up at Will's room.

Gabi wants to talk to Nick alone. Maxine won't let her leave until the birth certificate is signed.

Kate accuses Sami of being in love with Rafe. Stefano wants "it" cut off tonight. Adrienne asks Jenn if JJ is having a rough time.
Adrienne tells Jenn to not feel guilty. JJ leaves Daniel's. Abby asks Daniel what is up. Nick tells Wabi they will be good parents.

Sami denies being in love with Rafe. Kate says, "Poor EJ." Kate says Rafe has moved on with her. EJ hears the whole thing.

JJ doesn't have enough money for pot. Daniel gives Abby every emergency # he can think of. Chad doesn't think Nick was worth saving.

EJ asks Sami if Kate wants Rafe back. Bernardi doesn't seem enthusiastic in cutting off Rafe's kibbles and bits.

Daniel shows up at Jenn's. Jenn wants to talk about JJ. JJ shows up at Daniel's. He wants a favor.

Nick asks Gabi what she wants to do. Maxine brings the baby to Will. Will promises to love and protect the baby. Awww

Sami asks EJ if he wants to meet the baby. EJ says he needs to text first. EJ might beat Bernardi to removing Rafe's genitals first.

Jenn tells Daniel she can't stay the night. JJ needs his mom around. She's right about that. Daniel agrees.

JJ asks Abby for $20. Abby asks what is up with JJ and Dan. Gabi tells Nick he used her to have an instant family.

Gabi says she needs to be smarter for her daughter. Sami brings the baby to EJ. Will teases Sami about handling a birth certificate.

Will tells EJ how great it is that Rafe wakes up tomorrow. Bernardi shows up at the hospital. He recognizes Sami.

Kate tells Chad she left the hospital because of Sami. Stefano is at the coffee shop shooting daggers at her with his eyes.

Daniel isn't honest about JJ. He forgot his wallet, and needs to stop at his place. Abby tells JJ he will like Dan.

Abby agrees to give JJ $ if he watches Parker while she's online. JJ puts in earphones and ignores JJ. JJ throws his airplane.

Parker moves a chair over to get his plane on a shelving unit. Sami is triple checking the birth certificate is handled properly.

Sonny shows up at the hospital while Ejami leave. Gabi asks Nick if he's afraid he's gay and that's why he married her. He denies it.

Gabi tells Nick that she and the baby are not going home with him. Chad is trying to reunite State.Kate wants to apologize to Stefano.

Dan shows up at his place. He grabs Parker off the chair. Dan walks up to oblivious JJ. Ejami leaves the hospital, Bernardi is back.

Kate apologizes for accusing Stefano of hurting Rafe. Stefano says he has moved on to Cecily. He tells her to move on. She leaves.

Bernardi gives Stefano an update. Daniel grabs JJ by the shirt and threatens him. Adrienne holds the baby.

Nick gives Gabi a debit card or something. They hug. He leaves. She cries. Sami wants to know what EJ is upset about.

EJ asks why Sami hates Kate more than ever. Kate tells Chad that Stefano is done with her, and she's fine with that.

Bernardi is in Rafe's room with the knife.

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